PushingPlay: 3 Steps To A Better Steam Community

PushingPlay: "Don't get me wrong guys, I love the Steam Community. I was ecstatic once the service launched and we were able to create groups, compare gameplay stats and achievements with our friends, and worship the almighty Steam Rating. However, the Steam Community has been out for some time and they haven't changed that much beyond little tweaks here and there. Now the novelty has worn off like your puppy taking a dump on your new carpet and we're beginning to see a lot of flaws in Steam's social tool. As a fan of both the platform and good web design, I'm proposing a few changes for the better for the Community."

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solar3523d ago

i could digg Steam Mobile.

TABSF3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

IMO steam is almost perfect very happy with the service and the support is good, im very happy to see more publishers and developers like EA, Ubisoft and activision making more games avaible on steam in resent times makes a big difference for me any way