Microsoft wants refund from some laid off workers

Microsoft says it made an accounting error when it laid off some employees last month and now feels the best way to correct the error is with a public relations blunder.

The software giant, which recently laid off 1,400 employees, sent letters this week to some those former workers letting them know that their severance payouts were a bit too "generous" and respectfully requested that the former employees pay back that money.

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kparks5145d ago (Edited 5145d ago )

I would not give it back LOL to bad for them :)

Timberland2K95145d ago (Edited 5145d ago )

Next thing you know they will start charging for all The RRODs they repaired

villevalorox5145d ago (Edited 5145d ago )

If they should have to give you all that money back. M$ Should have to give me money back for all the junk hardware I was stupid enough to buy. See Just because I was stupid does not mean you have to give me or the rest of the stupid people that bought junk form you back eh? So M$ was stupid and they want their money back. Now you know how it feels to have your money taken form you.

StayHigh5145d ago

Microsoft is just laid them off they probably struggling right now..

velaxun5145d ago

just wow.... this is unreal. I CAN'T believe they'd do that. I always disagreed with most of MS's business practices but this just takes the cake. I don't even know what to think about this, I'm simply too shocked

hay5145d ago

Oh, that's so f*cking low... That may mean... Are they running short on money?


M$ cult followers. read it and weep. your master is a douche

Daz5145d ago (Edited 5145d ago )

greedy becuase they gave out to much money for people laid of now they want some of it back because of an error.

i ve had paycheck corrections becuse they gave me to much because of a error there end, i was pissed. but its not the end of the world.
BUt this happens alot to people but they dont get turned into an artical.

I should right a blog on a company that done this to me.

Real Gambler5145d ago

The error came from the fact that they were using Excel to calculate the severance payouts... Luckily, they also use Access, as the database to keep track of their employees, so they will likely never find them back!!!

SWORDF1SH5145d ago

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Karum5145d ago

The difference is when your job gave you too much in your wages you still had a job and had some guaranteed income the next week/month or w/e.

These people were laid off and are probably out of work and it's even more of a kick in the teeth/balls to them.

Should have just sucked it up and took the loss instead of further adding to the horrible public perception of their company.

Cryos5145d ago

quit spamming the boards. what you're doing is more annoying than fanboys.

Sayai jin5145d ago

Pretty darn shady. These employees have already had enough bad news.

Do not fool yourselves MS, is like any other Manufacturer/Company. They are all greedy and want your money. If they did not they would give their stuff out for free.

DaTruth5145d ago (Edited 5145d ago )

Your supporters for a fanboy free N4G are some of the biggest fanboys on the site, If they truly wanted that, it's completely up to them.

Sorry, but I seriously lol'd at that list.

Funny thing about this site is that you can't even discuss anything positive about gaming because nobody responds to anything but fanboy remarks. Agreements just don't spark any form of response or conversation.

xwabbit5145d ago

LMAO this article is so dam funny omg

Sevir045145d ago

the people that they laid off are going through some hard times thanks to this economy right now, to simply say you want money back is ridiculous. put your game divison on a budget and tell them you want the money they are pouring into exclusive Downloadable content

NickIni5145d ago

Nice way to make friends MS. You should write a book on it.

DaTruth5145d ago

Than they would be laying off their games division.

soxfan20055145d ago

Funny, I though CNET was being accused of being owned by MS just last week when they said something negative about Sony.

kparks5145d ago

yup saw the same post CNET is by far not supporting consoles they got better things to worry about there a news site there not like ign gametrailers or so on

kparks5144d ago

haha i wonder if they underpaid people whould they send out a note saying sorry we underpaid you your check is in the mail?

IdleLeeSiuLung5144d ago

Just reading all these comments on this page shows how much people hate MS. This whole site is composed of anti-MS movement.

MS made a mistake and overpaid, it is not their right to ask for the funds back? The fact that the people were laid off has nothing to do with the fact that the overpayment was made in error and that the people involved have no right to keep it.

No matter how you look at it, the money wasn't intended for you and therefore isn't yours to keep. If you keep it, you are stealing. Short and simple!

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Johnny Rotten5145d ago (Edited 5145d ago )

wow that sucks,

I was laid off last week and I'm currently going through the unemployment process and it sucks pretty bad. My company paid me out for 6 weeks but I have to wait 11 before I am eligible for anything thanks to basing my waiting period off of my gross and not my net income.

Hopefully it doesn't cause too much of a mess for them.

jams_shop5145d ago (Edited 5145d ago )

man I hope things get solve for you soon. I know what is like to lose a job when you need it the most

gta28005145d ago

Hang in there man. Hope everything turns out well for you.

iheartSONY5145d ago

N4G and GAMES should help during these hard times.

Sayai jin5145d ago

Truly unfortunate. The globally economy is effecting everyone. I hope your job and financial recovery is swift.

DaTruth5145d ago

Lucky for me I have a crap job(strange thing to say), so it can't be outsourced and they can't do without it. But, hope things look up for you.

We should start a charity to give used games to unemployed gamers, much better than selling them for five bucks and then EB sells them for fifty. I would spend five bucks to send it in the mail.

Johnny Rotten5145d ago (Edited 5145d ago )

lol thanks for the replies but I was just trying to show what kind of mess the employees might be into if they have to give money back they might of already claimed.

Unemployment makes you claim your last cheque so if you have to give some money back then your left with a mess that YOU have to deal with not the company that screwed up in the first place. Even though the Government try to do thier best this sort of thing may set you back, and for most people it's one more thing that they wish they didn't have to worry about.

PS: I will take games though. :)

Sayai jin5145d ago

Hey, man. Let me know what games you are interested in. Seriously, I can make something happen. We have all been there before.

Game one...

kparks5145d ago

SORRY to hear that im unemployed at the moment to.. i was making $24 a hour and now cant even get a job at target or k-mart to hold me over till i can get back into my field.. its ridiculous out hear right now!!!

Raz5144d ago

Found this around the site - Ballmer truly is nuttier than a squirrel tree. Which explains a LOT about Microsoft's doings these wouldn't surprise me to see another CEO shakeup in the near future.

Gates probably wouldn't have made the mistake of extorting money from former employees. But this guy? I can almost see him drafting the memo to HR.

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cayal5145d ago

Yeah good luck getting that back MS.

UltimateIdiot9115145d ago

Microsoft can easily blacklist these ex-employee if they do not return the money. Especially in bad times like these, you wouldn't want to be black listed.

cayal5145d ago

Blacklist them from what?

They'd have a hard time making anything happen since it isn't against the law to keep it.

Le Idiotce5145d ago (Edited 5145d ago )

If you want to apply for a job at the local supermarket or at Wendys, I severely doubt any of those companies would actually care if you are on MSs blacklist.

If you want to find a job at corporate America, youre fked if you appear on a blacklist, ok.

Thats because people dont want to work with people who are on a blacklist, ie liars, thieves, unloyal, attitude problem, machoist, sexual offender, etc etc.

You appear on a blacklist and you are fked. Its as simple as that. Especially in times like these. In times like these you WILL WANT to have a letter from your former employer stating that you are a good employee who works hard and is smart. Thats the kind of thing you will want to show the company you are applying for. Not some blacklist.

And believe me, companies do inform eachother who is on who's blacklist. Because its listed on your resume that you worked for Microsoft. And they will call Microsoft just to check and see if you are lying and what kind of person you are.

And if MS says you are on their blacklist, you are FKED.

But like I said, unless you want to work at the local supermarket, because I sincerely doubt your local supermarket gives a flying fk about some 24 year old who they hired to restock the shelves anyway.

EDIT: I love the silent disagrees from the immature people who realize I speak the truth but dont like what I had to say. So by closing your ears and sticking your head in the sand, that will somehow change the reality?

Weak. So weak. You are so fail.

pippoppow5145d ago

those people the supposedly were over compensated may have felt the severance was fair or really needed the cash. How much money is the difference in what was meant to be handed out and what was handed out in error. Was it hundreds or thousands? Even if in the thousands big deal. Corporate CEO with their multimillion parachutes are the ones who should give back the money they get not the employees who may get a few thousand. Besides the money may have been spent so what now? I'm sure people in need of the money will deal with the black list dilemma just fine.

Sayai jin5145d ago

@Le Idiotce-If someone worked for MS I doubt they are trying to get a job at Wendy's. Well, to think about it with todays economic climate people have taken lower paying jobs.

Sayai jin5145d ago

@cayal-Most companies are going to try to recoup the money they think they are owed, period. It is still messed up to say the least.

I will tell you what is really messed up. Imagine losing your job, because you refused to put your child in a orphanage (the equivalent). While I lived in Japan, my company brought gifts for Japanese children in a something like a orphanage. To our surprise nost if not all of these children ha parents, some of who were there when we brought the gifts. These children were not in need (financially speaking), but they were put in there because their parent(s) worked 5 to 7 days a week up to 12 to 18 hours a day. So you can call it a orphanage/boarding school. One of my counterparts said that he was given an ultimatum to either put his child in this orphanage/school or he would be let go. So he quit his old job and found his current job.

Back on topic, I do not know how this relates to gaming news, but articles like these highlight the wrong doings and lend a louder voice for those who can not speak.

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DrWan5145d ago

but how does this relate to PS3 and Xbox again? Its like saying Sony Life insurance branch lost money this year...err (i didn't read the article either)

dericb115145d ago

This is in the "Industry" section. N4G is not only a gaming site. Its sad you made a account and commented but forgot to look up the section you are in.

thenickel5145d ago

And it's also sad when people like yourself comment back to people just to be an a-hole. N4G is news for gamers and no matter how you twist it this has nothing to with gaming.

DrWan5145d ago

Then why is it tag PS3 and X360, obviously not very news worthy and trying to maximize hit coverage.

And thank you, i think i can read just as much as everyone. but i refuse to give the guy traffic.

Wolf8735145d ago (Edited 5145d ago )

let people have it as a gift for goodness sake. It takes a seriously selfish person/ company to ask for money back like that. Those laid off workers who would definitely need the extra cash during these economic crisis. They are a software giant which makes billions, can't they think of it as a community service or aid? If its little than couple of 100s of thousands of dollars, it would be nice to forgive it, but perhaps if its a big loss than asking for money back would make sense.