Xbox 360 Exclusive Deluxe Edition Biohazard 5 - Japanese Co-op TV Spot HD

Japanese Resident Evil 5 TV Ad for the Exclusive Deluxe Edition only for Xbox 360.

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HardcoreGamer3523d ago

i cant beleive it that re5 is treating 360 well in japan. im sure the 360 versio will sell better.

i just cant beleive microsoft have been able to continue the onslaught in japan all this time. makes me wonder all the time is microsoft and the next xbox going to even continue to give out free money for the next generation or will they decide to just back out?

knowing ms tho i think they will do it again

Sevir043523d ago

hope it sells decently over there

SprSynJn3523d ago

Just not on that system. But it will sell well overall, that much is certain. I will wait for all the say before I decide whether to pick it up or not. As of this moment Dead Space looks like a better investment.

Trebius3523d ago

Thats a pretty funny commercial.

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The story is too old to be commented.