Video Game Warzone #32: Is Capcom Dropping A Megaton On Monday?

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "Today on the Video Game Warzone we discussed what Capcom is possibly announcing on Monday. We also discussed Mass Effect 2 and the possibilities of it going to PS3. Lastly, was Sony's Killzone 2 ad enough to grab those unknowing casual gamers?

Show Highlights:

* SFIV sales, controllers, comparisons
* What is going on with the video game war
* Mass Effect 2
* KZ2 commercial and is it enough?
* Infamous Vs Prototype
* Capcom trailer
* 10 Questions To Drive my co-hosts and listeners crazy

1. Can KZ2 be done on the 360? Explain

2. Can Will GT5 be as deep as Forza 2?

Plus 8 more questions! "

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Cajun Chicken3529d ago

Powerstone franchise, XBLA.

kewlkat0073529d ago

Capcom is my all time fav dev and there are plenty of games I wouldn't mind them bringing back bu ti wouldn't mind a new IP as well...

Though, I would like to see a next-gen Breath of Fire...Dragons Quarters wasn't so great but the Music was awesome...

Lifendz3529d ago

with a level one character, and the game didn't adjust the AI accordingly, then yes the game would suck.

And the chances of that happening are what? One in a million. When has something along those lines ever happened? What sequel required you to play the first one to understand or do well in the sequel? Probably none save a few PC games. WhY? Because publishers don't want people to not buy the game because they didn't play the first one. Sigh...I think I need to throw my hat out there for co-host on the show.

II-Reaper-II3528d ago

Its funny that anyone with a brain would think that Killzone 2 could be done on the 360.I mean seriously 360s best graphical game(Gears of War 2)had 5 on 5 multiplayer tops.Halo 3 only has 8 on 8 are u kidding me?Forza is gonna 8 cars on screen at once(maybe 10)GT5 is gonna have 16.Im sick and tired of ignorant people trying to compare 360s power to PS3s power,its not even close and as time passes the gap will only get bigger and bigger.Call me a FANBOY if u want however im just a realist!

Lifendz3527d ago

is just a way to get fanboys riled up and bring attention to their site. The developer's words are right there to show otherwise so any statement from the lay person stating otherwise means squat.

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frayer3529d ago

1. No. The 360 is not capable of doing Killzone 2.

2. Yes. GT with car damage. Nuff said. Nothing else matters.

tordavis3529d ago

You didn't explain your answer to number 1.

GUNS N SWORDS3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

KillZone 2 won't be on x360, but to assume that its graphical presentation isn't CAPABLE on x360 is wrong. You're basically assuming the role of the developer. They can tell you better since they're the workers.

frayer3529d ago

Because Sony said so. End of discussion. :)

3529d ago
Lifendz3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

to try and say the 360 can do Killzone 2? It can't. They used the whole 25gb of disc space. They almost maxed out the SPUs. The devs have stated its only possible on PS3. see below:

Guerrilla's Managing Director Herman Hulst stated of being able to develop exclusively for the PlayStation 3: "It's a huge benefit. If you're developing a game on multiple platforms there are restrictions you always have to take into consideration.

"We are taking huge advantage of the architecture of PS3. I firmly believe that what we've shown we can get out of that machine would be difficult, if not impossible, to deliver on a competing machine."

On the same issue of developing Killzone 2 on multiple platforms, Killzone 2 Producer Steven Ter Heide made the following comments: "I would say [It's] impossible. We literally can't do this stuff on any machine other than the PS3."

C'mon dawgs, let it go. And you're also wrong about multiplatform games not being limited to fit the lowest common denominator. GTA4 being a prime example and God knows what MGS4 would've been if it was multiplat. Look up what the GTA4 dev stated about being restricted due to 360. Look at what happened with an MLB game not too long back having to put alt jerseys on live marketplace because of space limitations.

But in the end what do you care whether the game could run on 360 or not. You have both consoles and you're constantly stating how dumb fanboy statements are so why are you purposesly making statements to get fanboy attention?

BTW, big ups on the show's improvements. I deleted Listenup from my podcasts and now listen to you guys and Podcast Beyond only. Podcasts Beyond is hanging on by a thin thread. That Greg Miller guy will scream outta nowhere and its annoying as hell.

DavidMacDougall3529d ago

Im no gay but you have a very smooth mic voice LOL

Lifendz3529d ago

You wanna know how I know your gay? Just joking. Seriously, I thought the same thing the first time I listened to the podcast.

DavidMacDougall3529d ago

1. Can KZ2 be done on the 360? Explain.....

No. Sony owns it

tordavis3529d ago

@Lifendz - I don't care if it can run on 360 or not. I was making good conversation. Everyone loved the questions. I was just playing devil's advocate.

Lifendz3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

you still haven't given anything to show that it can run on 360. And playing Devil's Advocate to whom? A 360 fanboy?

BTW, it's not like I'm just under the belief that PS3 exclusives couldn't run on PS3. If Cliffy B says Gears 2 is only possible on 360 then I take him at his word. I'm not a dev so I can't really dispute him. Same for Alan Wake.

N4g_null3528d ago

Yes killzone can be done on the 360. Yes the PS3 has a larger slower accessing disk but guess what they also have less ram available. The funny thing is the real big deal with killzone is differed rendering, which can be done on any CPU or GPU. This task does not need huge FPU calculations and is basically a glorified after effects for Game engines. The only reason I would give GG any credit for their statement is that yes it would take as much time to get the same effect working on the xbox 360, yet the funny thing is the new gears of war 2 already has this addition. They unfortunately are only using it for scattering light which is arguably more impressive but more subtle.

Another thing is the xbox 360 actually has an extra render pipeline for this yet no one seems to be using it. Another thing is look at how fast killzone 2 moves? There is obviously a point where they are loosing frames for the effect. Yet Killzone 2 has a much slower pace.

Differed rendering is actually very easy to do and was largely left out due to it's limited frame rates on current HD systems. There are many other things that can be done on these HD systems that you simply will not see due to the fact that they would hurt the frame rate or suffer from not having enough ram.

Seriously do not use the Disk size as a trump card. It has been more of a hinder than a help as of right now. It is slow and more of a gimmick. Leave things uncompressed on the disk is not a good thing when these systems where design to used high compressed small foot print code and assets. If you are wondering why I say this just look at the ram of both systems. Blue ray should be used in PC gaming since you can get a real multicore chip instead of a Power chip with 6 really good calulators for FPUs. Yet it's funny how Blue ray is not even a standard on PCs, the home of 2 gig graphics cards and solid state drives and PCs that have over 4 gigs of ram.

Well back on topic: Even if the you did run into a problem and you are using every ounce of the 360s current gaming power then you could always get MS to let you turn off or cut down the OS to go into an over drive mode so you could use the extra cpu to do way more than what is being done with the SPEs since it actually has branch prediction and other important thing in that tri cpu set up.

It's just that no one has been desperate enough to want to use it because the xbox 360 was actually designed to run PC code pretty well and support shaders work pretty well. Remember 3d graphics started on the CPU, Unreal and others had a choice of CPU acceleration or GPU , Open GL, glide , etc. Also note that no one has put a cell on any graphics card in the PC space. Actually Nvidia and ATI went on to make chips way better than the cell.

So killzone looks good and is a good game for GG yet it is not as incredible as most of you claim, Seriously it is not even close to crisis and yes if you would play through gears you will be surprised. They have a lot of stuff in that game that developers are still waiting to get the new code for or either put in their next batch of games.

The only thing about the PS3 that is cool is that it is different and it made people get ready for true multi-core programming. It took gaming back to being more efficient because SONY beat on their chest so loud that had the programmers tried the same old engines they would have crashed and burned. The PS3 is the vigilante to putting a gun to your programmers head. Lucky SONY has the devoted gamers of N4g and other sites because the PC owning or affording gamers are not that impressed.

Seriously go look up software render engines. Realize that these do not need SPEs to be good. Other FPU those core have nothing on the CPUs or the comparable GPUs. If this where true then ports will suddenly start to look better on the PS3 because differed rendering is the only thing special about killzone 2.

There is not really any new game play and physics going on. To be correct I would say that GG is directly in competition with the UT3 engine rather than the xbox 360 as GG's engine simply lets the artist do adjustments to the entire scene rather than each object on a texture bases, which is a dream when you have 30 different models loaded.

The UT3 engine has been a double edge sword yet MS has not GG yet just only epic right now, so it seems.

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GUNS N SWORDS3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

i don't know, i've been thinking.

i'm sure that i could be wrong, hell anyone is when it comes to guessing. but after capcom announced a RE1 remake to GC back in 02 capcom said that they would port over the whole series cause nintendo never had a RE title in a while (since the N64 version of RE2) now look at nintendo now they piratically got it all.

well, back to my theory. "Jun Takeuchi" said that RE5 is the first RE game to ever be on xb, my guess is that they might release a RE pack for those who were ill informed on the story of RE. i don't know, but you can't rule out that capcom is notorious for adding more revisions to games that were already out.

DarK-SilV3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

who ever is going to be released first is going to damage the other game

I don’t think it’s going to be easy to do KZ2 on the Xbox360, unless they build a new engine specifically for the X360, even with this I think they will struggle a lot to reach the level of KZ2,but you never know, I really cant say they can or can’t
KZ2 took a lot of time to developed because of its engine, but once an engine is built, it’s a lot easier to release a new game in a short time

Cajun Chicken3529d ago

Well, actually, I'm expecting Sony to release Infamous earlier than Prototype due to the Spring/Summer thing.
Because if Prototype is released first, it WILL do damage to Infamous, the other way around, not so, because Prototype is on 3 platforms PS3, 360 and PC. Only Infamous is going to be overshadowed, Prototype will get more coverage due to being multiplat IF Infamous doesn't get released first and steal the spotlight.

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