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The use of motion control really gives a unique feel. Without a doubt, in Flower we find the best sixaxis usage so far. The control feels fluent and native. Flower's biggest strength is the use of color. The colors are bright and sharp and are almost perfect in every way. ThatGameCompany have used the textures and tones to the fullest. Also, the music feels like meditating - in a field of flowers.

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kazan3527d ago

this game is getting high reviews from allover.. still not sure what is it about and where is the fun in it looks like i have to download it to find out

- Ghost of Sparta -3527d ago

The last level alone is worth $10. My god it's innovative games like this one that make the PSN stand out WAY MORE than Xbox Live. The only thing that stands out about Xbox Live are the annoying douche bags.

Bigbangbing3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

I bought this game yesterday , played the first level , IT IS WONDERFUL

Arnon3527d ago

I just got this and Noby Noby Boy.. both are amazing.

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