GRAW Chapter 2 content to cost $15.00

That's right... a few extra maps, camo/faces, weapons and game modes will cost 25% of the full game.

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Cyclonus6506d ago

no way is that worth $15.00

Daewoodrow6506d ago

1200 points? Ubisoft have gone mad.

kingboy6506d ago (Edited 6506d ago )

if it was on ps3 i might pay for it but sorry i got me plenty others on my platform and for the hater below buy my album dropping soon this summer (looser)

Sexius Maximus6506d ago

If it was on PS3 it wouldn't be out yet..haahahhaha...loser

Ugly American6506d ago

Kingboy and his Retards:
Fanboys, the Way We Were.

I will be the first to buy it. I need a good laugh. You must be quite the artist to be spending time on gamer websites hating on a game you don't even have.

shotty6506d ago

How much for just the 4 co-op maps.

CPL Remington6506d ago

I know that it sucks dishing out $15 bucks for extra DLC, but these people worked hard to make it, they should make money off it. I'd do the same thing if I was in their shoes. All this money keeps these companies producing more games which is what we all want, quality games to play. If you don't want to pay for it, don't. I on the other hand will pay for it, in hopes that it gives a better game experience, and in the hopes that in the future this company keeps on putting out quality games.

Mighty Boom6506d ago

Are you a dunb A$$!!! We are getting raped for this material!!!! I bet you work for these A holes!!!!!

TMoney6506d ago

Since when does charging for extra content become a crime? Of course we all want "free". But the reality of it is that it takes a great deal of time and money to develop this extra content.
This download seems substantial enough to warrant a charge. It'll be clear to the real GRAW fans whether the $15 charge is worth it.

billybob6505d ago

So if I think 15 dollars is a rip for 4 maps I am not a GRAW fan? 1 paid 20 for 9 halo 2 maps, and don't give me any crap about the face paint or 5 new weapons because the character options on this game suck wow I get to pick my head gear, face paint and race. GRAW is my favorite game on the 360 but I will be damned if I am going to shell out 15 dollars for 4 maps. There is a difference between being a fan of a game and being a fanboy.