Prince of Persia producer responds to criticisms

Reflecting on Prince of Persia's development, producer Ben Mattes took the chance to respond to some of the game's criticisms and rebuked its perceived lack of difficulty

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Harry Pothead3578d ago

next time why dont you make the main characters persian....

qohelet3577d ago

exactly, having to play carpet-this-thick mac douchebag didn't feel right. at all.

PirateThom3577d ago

I don't consider it a Prince of Persia game. The voice threw me off.

To me, it's an Uncharted prequel with Nathan Drake's ancestor.

Freak of Nature3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Overall I am a big fan of the POP series from all the way back to the early 90's....This game was an overall very good one,not great or fantastic.Reason for it not being fantastic for me? No traps and in-depth puzzles.Jump,climb/platform then a fight.Pretty much what Uncharted did,and just what they have said they want to avoid with Uncharted 2.

The game seemed disjointed,all in segments,too linear.

That being said,it was still an overall 8 for me,just not what I would have hoped for as a total package.The traps of POP games were always the best aspect right along with the great climbing/platforms...I really missed them...

Campy da Camper3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

I just cannot get over the cell shading. I'm not saying it has no place for some folks, I just don't like the look and feel of it.

Lucreto3577d ago

This is one of my favourite games so far this gen.

SublimingMass3577d ago

the feel of the game from animations to the High Rez cell shading, the incredible views and sensation you get when doing all those acrobatic maneuvers. every thing was done at a nice easy pace, perhaps the game was to easy but that doesn't mean that it was boring or that it wasn't a fun and enjoyable experience.

it reminded me of uncharted with the way elika and the prince interacted together through out the story with the cheesy one liners and the flow from playing to cinematic sequence then back to playing without ever making you feel drawn away from the action and story. i hope more games get this sense of flow as i feel it really brings the gaming experience to a more cinematic feel.


The art direction, witty characters and superb combos made this game unmissable.

Chris3993577d ago

but I lost interest 3/4 of the way through the game and haven't picked it up since. The recycled environments and lack of any real challenge aren't enticing me to return either.

The fights are spectacular, but there's just not enough of them and they are absent of any variety (you have a full attack repertoire to start, and really just choose a different button combo each time).

Paying to see the real ending to the game through DLC seems ludicrous to me, as well. The game also froze on me numerous times during Elika's "saving me" animation (which is canned and highly repetitive).

I guess I just expected more content for $70 plus tax. It's great that some of you enjoyed the game, but a large portion of people did not. We purchased the game under the impression that it would be similar to it's predecessors.

SublimingMass3577d ago

i really enjoyed the new POP, haven't played the sands of time series.
the game was easy but still really fun, I've finished it three times. POP, Uncharted are the only games this gen that i has finished more than twice

really looking forward to the sequel and DLC coming soon

Trebius3577d ago

Is actually pretty damn good. Should give it a shot.

enviable273577d ago

Wow you actually played this game 3 times? I"m not dissing the game but really? I don"t think I'm alone when I say that this game got really boring after about 3/4 into it, the only way anybody can really enjoy this beautiful, artistic, boring game is if you paid $60 for it.

Sprudling3577d ago

I played it through twice. First taking my time (~20 hours, yes I'm very slow), and then going for Platinum trophy. Money well spent in my opinion.

kesvalk3577d ago

i saw the game once... and from the look of it, you just can't die...

a game where you can't die just don't appeal to me...
and it's a pity, cuz i love POP

Monteblanco3577d ago

The you cannot die argument is a misconception. The game has a feature in which every time you fall to death or is killed in a sword fight a magical character will save you. However, you are sent back to the place previous to your jump or your enemy will recover from the damage you inflicted, depending of the case. As such, the challenge remains to be overcome, regardless of being saved. This is nothing more than a checkpoint mechanic. However, it is advantageous as it cuts the time wasted in a reload menu and reboot keeping the fluidly gameplay of the series.

Also, one of the trophies is granted to any player able to finish the game with less than 100 saves. I failed, probably miserably.

PirateThom3577d ago

The mechanic basically replaces the Sands of Time. However, being unlimited does kill some of the challenge. If it was limited, the game would be a lot harder to get through, put it like that.

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