Mistwalker: "Testing PS3 is difficult"

In a GDC presentation centered around the Xbox 360 titles Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, famed developer and Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi fielded a few questions on his future development plans and thoughts on the current console market. When asked to compare working on the Xbox 360 to other consoles, he revealed that his team has been testing out the PS3. That's as much as he was willing to divulge as he told the crowd that there aren't any games in development for Sony's system right now, or at least any that he would talk about.

Hironobu Sakaguchi did have one comment when asked for his thoughts on working with the Sony system. Short and succinct, he said without the aid of a translator, "PS3 is difficult."

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Covenant4639d ago

Isn't this what we've heard from devs many times? That the PS3 is harder to program for then the 360? Before you flame me/agree with me PS3/360 fans, remember that both systems are still pretty new, and with time, both have tremendous potential. But here's the rub: If the PS3 is proving to be difficult to make games for, and if the system's complicated architecture continues to frustrate programmers, then what? Mass defection to 360, or more 360-based ports? Or, if given enough time, will devs figure out the PS3?

Rational, fanboy-free feedback would be appreciated.

fenderputty4639d ago

working for them. In house development and 2nd party development will be fine for the PS3 this gen. The last system was also hard to program for.

3rd party development might slcak a little at first but, I don't think this spells doom for Sony at all.

MikeMichaels4638d ago

...confirmation that they "will" be doing PS3 development.


Phytonadione4639d ago

"Women are difficult", but that doesn't mean I'm willing to switch...
But in all seriousness, if you're in a business, you go where the money is, and it seems to me as though there is enough money to be made in all three systems.

Xi4639d ago

How would you know it's difficult if you have nothing to compare it too?

n4g sucks4639d ago

Every time a new system comes out all the dinosaurs in our game development community start crying about how its too hard to program for.i think they are just scared to learn or try new things. can a old dog learn new tricks?? not if they are lazy. A GREAT game developer would be excited and inspired to learn this programming language as a new tool to express themselves. i think alot of developers look for the easy way instead of finding a way to push their ideas to the limit because it takes time and they have to work.( its to hard) well...then go back to school or give up your job to someone who will do whatever it takes to prove themselves as a skilled programmer. im sure people like visual basic because its easier than c++, but that dosn't make it the right choice

CaliGamer4639d ago

Developers are people, and just like all of us at times, they love to bi#ch and moan when they don't get their way. I would believe this excuse when ALL developers have trouble with a system, if they are still having trouble after a reasonable period of time then yes, but as with anything I am sure there is a learning curve with the PS3.
I wouldn't fear, the companies that usually set the bar like Konami are all that matter and everyone else will follow in their wake. I think we are seeing a shift in the console market where the systems are not as different in terms of performance as they were last generation, and now developers are mad because A)the excuse that the PS2 is not as powerful as the XBOX is no longer valid, and B) There are some amazing games in the works for a system that is supposedly so difficult or inferior. The age of excuses for developers is almost over, now the true gaming trailblazers will emerge and all half-ass developers will need to STFU and innovate.
At least tell me something more plausible t it cost too much to develop for a system with so many resources.
Difficult, give me a break. Nothing easy is ever worth it, you have to work for the good stuff. All the developers that are complaining need to get it together.

JasonXE4639d ago

Lazy? Your talking about doing sleepless nights, lack of food, mentally burnt developers are lazy? They are just expressing there opinion that it is diffcult, not that it is to hard so were going to give up.

Another thing is if you ever coded a basic script in your life then you know it's not easy to begin with. People who are lazy are the one's who give up after reading the beginners book for C++ like me. Hopefully i'll get back into it...

Keyser4638d ago

Ercs I just finished saying the same thing in another post combined with what Cali said. I'm glad more people out there agree!!! Quit saying it's hard! So is studying martial arts and being as good as Bruce Lee but look how beautiful it is when you are close to mastering it. Calculus can be hard but if you do enough of it it will probably pay off in the end (ask Einstein). These developers need to sign up for Sony's Cell 101 course so they can understand how to use it and use their freakin imaginations!

It will take one dev group to sit down and learn how to utilize it, make a game that makes all our mouths drop and pants soiled then everyone will jump on the boat. I remember my roommate in college saying that the Xbox would beat the PS2 because developers were saying it was to hard to develop for. As people caught on there came out very nice products.

These dev groups want that fast cash and easy money. Slang rocks if you want fast cash you crybabies and do like JasonXe said and spend long, sleepless nights making a game. That way I will spend long sleeples night playing that game I paid $60 bucks for. Keep me up for days like Mario Brothers 3, you cowards! (kidding about the cowards and babies comments it just adds color)

Kodici4638d ago

Writing for a new console is a steep learning curve and developers need help to get going. Providing high level APIs, frameworks, development environments and debugging tools make this less daunting. Games developers should be focused on writing the game, they should not be writing device drivers, sound libraries, graphics libraries from scratch all the time as this is inefficient and expensive. It is my understanding that Microsoft development suite is far ahead of that provided by Sony which is what you would expect from a software company. However I expect Sony to listen to feedback from developers and improve the situation of the next 12-18 months as it is in their interest and the developers.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4638d ago

"developers are getting lazy" by pumping out hundreds of games each year on multiple systems. Yeah sounds lazy to me or is this your excuse for the lack of games for the PS3?

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Devastator_oftheweak4639d ago

First off let me say that everything is going to be difficult to program for as technology evolves and architecture becomes smaller and more complex. With that being said I would like to point to Sony's R&D division and point out that they are doing everything in their power to bring to life new development tools that will make the PS3 easier to crack and program for. This being said I say give Sony the chance that they need, and show some love to them cause they are trying to give us a lot of things.

DC RID3R4639d ago

trying to *troll* here guys, but you do realize, that when a "japanese" dev states in ENGLISH that a console is difficult to develop for, he's saying it in the politest way possible?