Capcom delayed Street Fighter IV on PC because of piracy madness = FAIL

While the PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers were enjoying the long awaited release of Street Fighter IV, the PC gaming community fell victim to Capcom's anti-piracy strategy. 2020 Gamers editor Marc expounds on Capcom's error... after the jump.

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IdleLeeSiuLung3582d ago

this is of no suprise though, but will the PC version even be good?

xwabbit3582d ago

You can always buy a PC controller, i heard the PS3 controller could be used to play PC games too.

TheIneffableBob3582d ago

The versions being played in arcades right now are basically the PC version. It's running on standard PC hardware. In fact, Street Fighter IV was developed for the PC first to put out in arcades then for consoles.

Doppy3582d ago

Street Fighter 4 is a good game to me, but it left me a little underwhelmed. I set my standards too high, but for $25 I could pass that deal up.

INehalemEXI3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

/thumbs up

Just unlocked Akuma on my PS3 version , his Ultra is great.

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dadeisvenm3582d ago

I absolutely HATE piracy but DRM really needs to be corrected.

pippoppow3582d ago

Almost feels like leasing a product. I'm sure there are cracks out there to counteract it but it still sucks. Will never support a game that has DRM.

TheColbertinator3582d ago

There are some controllers for fighting games on PC that I have seen on Amazon.Some work better than most arcade sticks.

dadeisvenm3582d ago

Any good ones you know of?

Graphics Whore3582d ago

Yes because jacking up the security on DRM is totally going to persuade pirates to purchase your product.

Bioshock came out
Not even a month later it was cracked

Bioshock was one of the first to have heavy DRM, this isn't gonna be any different.

madreaper3582d ago

It would seem that DRM on even consoles fails hard, those that are getting loose with DRM restrictions are getting good sales. A good example would be Sins of a Solar Empire.

IdleLeeSiuLung3582d ago

Sins of Solar Empire sold well due to being a good game as well as having somewhat of extra support due to no-DRM. Release Spore without DRM and everybody and their mothers would pirate it.

Senden3582d ago

Well I now know what im going to do when this is released.. capcom = FAIL! Yes DRM sucks and even then it's still crackable so alls they are doing is giving their loyal fans grief. Lets be honest, the meat of sf4 is going to be the online mode (especially on pc) you don't need DRM to keep pirates off online modes.

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The story is too old to be commented.