Phantom Brave : many pictures

Nippon Ichi Software decides to invade us of visuals of tactical-RPG Phantom Brave on Wii. Derived from episode Playstation 2, this version retains the original displacement system for the genre by offering free areas this fight. Like newness, a online mode that enables the exchange of souls and complete customization of the protagonists.

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Smacktard3527d ago

The graphics are so out-dated. They look like a mix between PS1 and Gameboy Advance graphics. I wish developers would put more time into their ports.

ChickeyCantor3527d ago

While i agree, i did hear it is a great game.
But yeah HD images would be cool ( images for 480P is HD from a GBA/PS1 standpoint XD)

kesvalk3527d ago

while the game really have outdated graphics, it's a much nedeed genre on wii, until now we have 0 tatical games for wii

Chris3993527d ago

It's decent too, and pretty "old-school".

Expect tonnes of JRPG/ SRPG announcements this year for the Wii.

It's just too cheap and easy to develop for.

N4g_null3527d ago

LOL graphics out dated, That's top notice sprite work right there and the 2d scene are pretty damn good if you ask me.