PSX Extreme: Monster Lab Review

PSX Extreme writes: "Monster Lab is one of those games that features a great premise, with plenty of depth and originality, but falls shy of its intended goals by relying on old technology. Of course, we're not about to condemn a game simply because it utilizes the last-generation PS2 hardware, but in this day and age, it's difficult to ignore the lacking. The good news applies mostly to the younger, perhaps more casual, gaming crowd that doesn't mind somewhat slow and turgid pacing and a less-than-involving story. At its core, Monster Lab quite simply allows you to play as a freaky Dr. Frankenstein of sorts; you will create your own monster from scratch and send him out into the world to do battle. You'll not only build it, but you'll also maintain it, find new parts to add, and even create new parts from scratch, so this freedom of invention represents the game's primary appeal. The rest of it feels a little stilted, but if you're a micromanagement buff at heart, you'll appreciate the foundation."

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