Interview: Killzone 2 - tech & engine (part two)

The Dutch website has done an interview with the Technical Director (Michiel van der Leeuw) of Killzone 2. In the interview he talks about more aspects around the engine, the use of the cores within the PlayStation 3 and the possibility of Killzone 2 on other platforms.

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Cartesian3D3526d ago

sharing technology is the best thing happened for SONY gaming studios .. because they will be more efficient in their projects..

Cynical-Gamerzus3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

Although translated roughly.I really got to appreciate the level and caliber of the geniuses that are called programmers.
It always amazes me how they can create such technology !
This article brings alot to the table on how it really works inside that machine..And how engines are crafted!

I feel confident in Sony and proud that they take such amazing steps into the future with ,Cell,Bluray,OLED,3d,and stuff.
Knowing that the next gen of consoles will have 20+ CPU/SPUS or so make me feel glad to know people are learning to make games for the future!! that change the way we play and take in the action!!!!

These guys are up there with Polyphony,Konami,Sony SMS,ID,Epic and Sega,and many other Dev teams!!

Rehabinum3526d ago

I agree with both you guys and I read the interview in the original language (I am from the Netherlands, just as the site the interview is on). It is a great interview and we are all very proud of what Guerrilla has done for the industrie and for Sony.