Worldwide PS3 sales have doubled over the past year

Sony announced yesterday that the worldwide life-to-date sales had exceeded 21 million at the close of the 2008 year. These numbers would put it past the lifetime-to-date sales of the Nintendo Gamecube(though in the North American and Japan regions, it still trails it), and puts it just a few million consoles behind Microsoft's original XBox.

Almost exactly a year prior, Sony had announced that they had sold 10.5 million consoles since launch. This means that PS3 numbers have doubled over the past year. The console sales were likely spurred by Sony's stellar 2008 software line up, including Metal Gear Solid 4, LittleBigPlanet, and Resistance 2.

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Zeus Lee3528d ago

Look at Brian Crecente crying at this news

krouse933528d ago

yea i really don't understand how a person could actually be a 360 fanboy at all i mean most of their games are not exclusives most are also available on the PC as well as the 360.
But i can certainly understand how some one could be a PlayStation 3 Fanboy the PS3 has a large number of exclusives and it plays Blu Rays has wi fi has a large hard drive can use Linux. Has Blue Tooth runs very quietly has a very large feature set and it updates and expands on that feature set all of the time. Their are also many more features only the PS3 has that i didn't mention but of course all of you already know them. :)

Guitarded3528d ago

How many of those PS3's were sold as cheap servers or Blu-ray players. Must be a lot considering PS3 has more then 2/3's the install base, yet sells half the software of 360. Rather telling that. PS3, jack of all trades, master of none.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3527d ago

Worldwide PS3 sales have doubled over the past year
Worldwide PS3 sales have doubled over the past year
Worldwide PS3 sales have doubled over the past year
Worldwide PS3 sales have doubled over the past year
Worldwide PS3 sales have doubled over the past year
;-P ;-P ;-P

Helghast Slayer3527d ago

lol at the haters. Now third party devs can't ignore the large ps3 userbase. So i guess we get the best of the best when it comes to exclusives and third party games.

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MasFlowKiller3528d ago

great numbers, i hope everyone is able to process this info and realize the PS3 isn't going anywhere

chasegamez23528d ago

lol there will be 10 more post
that the ps3 is dead

eagle213528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

PS3 was a major success in 08'. Earning the industry's most respected award from AIAS.

3528d ago
Le Idiotce3528d ago

Even faking numbers wont help you here, MS.

Oh how I wonder who will be next. Indeed:

- PGR team contract terminated;
- Bungie abandoning ship;
- Ensembles Studios closing down;
- Massive restructuring at Rare, aka massive firings.

Indeed. The facts dont lie and speak for itself. All the writings on the wall are coming to life. Fanboys are in for a world of hurt. Sony has barely begun catching momentum. 2009 looks like KILLER:

- Killzone 2
- God of war 3
- Gran turismo
- Final Fantasy 13
- Tekken 6
- Infamous
- Heavy Rain
- White Knight Chronicles

PS3 is literally screaming "WHO IS NEXT!!!" while beating its chest. XBOX seems like hiding in a corner.

ChampIDC3528d ago

I would have never expected this after launch, with the ridiculous pricing and Sony's attitude, but they really pulled their stuff together, and the Playstation brand is as strong as ever.

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AsswipewithyourFlag3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

I also hope the increase in PS3 popularity sways xbox developers to abandon the xbox and develop games for PS3 exclusively. No, not because I'm a "fanboy" and want to "win this war" or whatever lame-ass statements fanboys define it as, but because I want M$ to see that it is quality of a system that makes it great, not quantity...or in this case the PS3 has the best of both. Anyone can sell lots of something cheap and crappy (i.e ever notice how everything that is made in China seems to blow up or break like a day later?) but you have to be genius to market and sell something expensive in large quantities. Another good job by Sony, thank you!
I wouldn't be surprised, mark my words, as soon as the PS3 surpasses the xbox in numbers, M$ will start to play the blame game..

3528d ago
soxfan20053528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

And who would know the "true" numbers better than you, right? I suppose you've done a door to door survey to back up your opinion.

I also suppose that whatever Sony says about PS3's sales are always 100% accurate.

I DO NOT think the PS3 is doomed, I'm just sick of Sony fanboys who are oblivious to the obvious, claiming that the 360 is doomed every time PS3 sales numbers are reported. My comments are ALWAYS in response to those claims.

No more that you are a blind sheep who believes every word Sony says. If you think MS lies and Sony always tells the truth, post a link to where your numbers come from. Unless you can prove your claims, they have ZERO credibility.

This is fun for me - I don't take it as seriously as I may convey in my posts. I'm bored today - nothing good on TV - just trying to entertain myself. (Huge setup there - who will be first to nail me on it)?

cereal_killa3528d ago

Guys stop! we all know the PS3 is DOOMED!!!! all the fanboys confirme this everyday with there BS blogs and we all know when a Muppet fanboy speaks they never tell a lie.

Excellent Job Sony I'm glad I was able to help them but getting a PS3 a month ago wish I got one a long time ago but I'm making up for all the games I missed out on now.

Le Idiotce3528d ago

The Nintendo Wii has sold 10 million units in the US in the whole year of 2008. And it was selling 400k-800k units every month.

The 360 had 16 million units worldwide at the beginning of 2008. So unless you actually believe that MSs XBOX 360 had performed on an equal footing with the wii, which would make you a delusional fanboy (and I put emphasis on the word DELUSIONAL), you need to browse some other article right now.

All you fanboys are delusional. MSs Xbox 360 has sold shiat in the first 8 months of 2008. But yet you are all claiming MS sold 10 million units in the last 4 months of 2008 when the wii barely beat 10 million in the WHOLE YEAR of 2008 in the US.

Delusional. Delusional. Delusional. Delusional.

I repeat again. There aint a single guy out there in the gaming industry (not even Gabe Newel) who believes MSs lies about its sales numbers. Why you think they are hiding their XBOX division numbers in their bigger hardware development division? Got nothing to hide?

And then the news comes with the xbox division receiving the majority of Balmers rage? Rofl, you think Balmers being unreasonable, fanboy? Hahaha

Im telling you, fanboy, and you will not like what I am saying now, but its all fking truth and there aint nothing you can do about it: the XBOX DIVISION is MSs WORST performing division.

uie4rhig3528d ago

nuff said

give it up!!

the more you defend it, the more time you waste.. serious.. no company will pay you for just defending it.. you are basically paying them for defending their console.. just give up.. enjoy your games lol

Montrealien3528d ago

I see Nasim/leidiot came out of his cage for this one.


Eitherway the 2nd an 3r place consoles will duke it out and push eachother to make greater games for all of us. They are both doing great, an that is all that matters to real gamers.

If you are trying to prove with passion that Z console is in trouble an Y console is dominitating well you are an (enthusiats) and are part of a very very small part of the market, very small. All the gamers that don't care about this will enjoy all the great games on ALL consoles that this competition will bring us. While the (enthusiats) argue about useless console war crap that means nothing.

Guitarded3527d ago

The PS3 has over 2/3rds the install base of 360, yet only sells roughly 1/2 the software. Can you say cheap servers and Blu-Ray players? I like the way you say that.

Why o why3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

now that was a unfounded comment. Please dont judge the rest of the world by NPD data. Listen to what the big three have had to say then look at all of the european charts and i KNOW we dont need to venture into asia. At least put up a kotaku or Variety article to support your claim...jeese;)


FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

Danja3527d ago

good numbers for Sony...lets see how the media is gonna spin

PS3 sold more than the 360 in 2 not being fanboyish but the 360 sold 17 mill in 2 years but we never saw doom articles about that.

the PS3 has been selling over 10 mill a year $400..when the price comes down sales will increase and Sony plans on keeping the PS3 viable for 10 yrs...the PS3 will exceed 90 million..and will probably go on to sell...100 mill...

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Zeus Lee3528d ago

Look at crying at this news

Zeus Lee3528d ago

Look at crying at this news

Zeus Lee3528d ago

Look at Why Dis ala lord_of_balrogs(and the 3 other 360 supporters on this website)crying at this news