Crispy Gamer: Games for Lunch Review: Noby Noby Boy

Kyle Orland writes:

"0:00 I've loved Katamari Damacy ever since I first saw it at E3 2004 (and that was before it was cool to like it!), so I'm obviously psyched about this latest release from that game's creator. Still, I'm a bit worried about how empty and content-free the teaser videos have been.

0:01 Oompah-heavy tuba music plays as "2/20/2009 Friday" is spelled out in small flowers. A standard warning about auto-saving and only features, and then a little yellow sprite with a halo flies in. "Okay! I'm going to create new save data now," he says. Thanks for the info, little guy!

0:02 In the corner, a sleeping 3-D parrot dreams of a flapping 2-D parrot. Then he flies away. "Hang on ... Now loading ... Almost done ... Now loading ... Wait a sec ... Now loading..." says the helpful sprite."

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