Playr Reveals How To Be A Street Fighter IV God

To mark the release of the game, Playr has published a series of high definition videos for players wanting to quickly improve their Street Fighter IV playing skills.

Hosted by one of Europe's top Street Fighter players, the four videos cover basic techniques before moving on to demonstrate combo creation and more advanced tricks and tactics for some of the game's most popular characters.

"Anil is an amazing player, but more than that, he's a great communicator who makes the game seem easy," commented producer Richard Wilcox.

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farhsa20083526d ago

Get rid of "Street Fighter IV" from the title then we're talking!


this games graphics are good, but nothing beats sf2 or marvel versus capcom2.

nice try capcom, next time ill rent the crap you put out. nice graphics though.

talltony3526d ago

good tips cause i am such a noob at this game but i f in love this game!

Sangria3526d ago

For some reason, Seth is sometimes way too easy and way too hard. With Ryu, Ken, Balrog... i killed him in a yawn, but with Chun-Li or C. Viper, i passed hours on him.

I'm not very fond of Street Fighter IV but Seth is that kind of very wrong character i hate. Sometimes, i find Sagat very hard to beat, but i still have respect for "him", but Seth is an unfair character, just like was the boss in Marvel vs Capcom 2. Abusively strong for so few techniques.

How many time did i eat his 20-hit feet or 10-hit shoryuken...
I think that bosses are no longer that kind of charismatic evils, they are just style melting-pots that laugh for nothing and that you meet sitting and saying you are weak. Seth reminds me the one from Soul Calibur IV.

Jellzy3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

I agree m8, Seth is a ridiculously unfair and unbalanced character to fight as the end boss. After you beat him in the first round, his moves become over powered and vastly difficult to avoid.

Add to this the fact that he can do a grab move (Spinning power bomb thing) after each hit he recieves means you have to sit back and attack from the back with fireballs (Hyduken's) all the time, it gets a bit monotonous.

J BO3526d ago

is there any tips for those who have 360 controller and don't find any sticks or pads. or maybe you should give me your stick and keep the tips for yourself.

bassturd3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

pick ken or ryu and spam fireballs from a distance...then if the enemy gets close spam uppercuts and sweeps until you can get distance again then spam fireballs...repeat until you win.

Oh wait that is just how all the douches online play. Dear lord I'm seriously considering trading this game in already (for Killzone). There is no fun to be had with the online at all with these people. At least I pick Abel. You Ken/Ryu players want to try another character for once?

but people will just say "oh you suck"...sure. But anyone that plays the game knows wut I said above is 100% true.


i feel you. i gotta say that the new characters suck donkey balls.

we need marvel versus capcom 3. that should fulfill my all out beatdown cravings.

bassturd3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

ya marvel vs capcom 2 has and may very well always be my fav fighting game. I need 3 now.

As for the new characters in SF4. I love Abel. He just seems so gimped at times. These Ryu/Ken spammers beat me cuz Abel is too slow. I think he may actually be slower than Zangief which makes no sense.

I should just start picking Sagat and dominating them. Can't bring myself to play like a puss tho. I did a few times and beat them easily :/

socomnick3526d ago

stop being predictable if you keep blocking the fireballs and then jump in of course your gonna get punished with a shoryken. try ables down right kick to clear the fireballs without taking damage and then getting nice and close for your grabs and for your 3 hit down forward punch +punch +punch combo

iNcRiMiNaTi3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

its so easy to get around those fireball spammers. i usually go with c.viper or cammy when someone uses ken/ryu/akuma. rose is an interesting choice too because most of the time those spammers dont know she can reflect fireballs. hell i can even get around those fireballs with zangief

and if ur in close enough when they spam fireballs use a focus attack to beat the s**t outta them then dash in and start ur own combo/attacks.

bassturd3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

ables roundhouse sort of kick?

It rarely clears a fireball. You probably have to time it perfectly to do so. Doubt it will be possible to time it every time. Plus when the kick ends Abel is left completely open. Even when I hit the enemy with that kick there is nothing Abel can do after that. You can go for a kick or punch but it won't hit the enemy fast enough before they can hit you. All you can do is block their hit or jump away.

And since that is the case...block or jump away....well....not much point in doing it unless you just want to get a quick hit in and run away. Which I do but I mainly work the dodge roll move and then strike them and do the 2 punch + throw combo.

Trust me I'm pretty much as good with Abel as you can get for my skill level in the game. I'm not amazing but I can handle him. I've only seen 3 other Abels online and completely dominated them. I've beaten a few Akumas and Sagats.

Abel is just gimped as far as I'm concerned. His moves are way too slow and leave him completely open to attack. He has no downward attack when he jumps. His sweep is SOOOO slow. It cannot beat any other character's sweep...ever...even if you throw it first.

I've learned that Abel is just completely a defensive character and you have to wait and wait and wait for an opening to attack. Which rarely comes against Ryu/Ken spammers that do nothing but hurl fireballs and sweeps.

Think I may change over to a character like Gen. Never seen him used not even once online and he seems fast. I like to avoid the overused characters which thus far seem to be Ryu and Ken primarily with the occasional Akuma, Sagat, or Cammy.

but if anyone cares to challenge me my PSN is in my profile :). Send me a invite to a match whenever I'm on so you can see if I do suck or not and that I'm not just a complaining whiny kid.

Marceles3526d ago

Yeah seriously EVERYONE picks Ken/Ryu/Sagat/Akuma. Only one other guy picked Abel, and another picked Chun Li. But everyone else has picked those guys. That's ok, it just makes it easy on me to beat them. I love the ones that start off punching air trying to throw a fireball too. The Akuma n00bs are hilarious too trying to do the raging demon (punch punch kick's air..punch punch kick's air...). Anyone up for an actual challenge can add me as well.

bassturd3526d ago

lol so true. I see so many kens punching the air trying to do a simple fireball.

But also those Akumas are hilarious. Exactly how you describe it. Punch punch kick. They do that like 10 times before they get it to work.

Sux for me, as an Abel player tho, because Abel is so f-ing slow that when I try to run over and attack em they tap me with those hits. Need to just start picking a better character and make it easier on myself.


well i don't know... i use ken a lot. i have only had the game for a day and i have been beaten by people using lots of different characters.

i think some people punching air aren't doing it because they don't know how to do it.... for some anyway, its the actual pads. on the arcades which is where i use to play i could pull off all the moves like i was dancing. on the pads though....i just can't do them.

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