So you want free games writes;
""How you get free games?" is a question I get asked a lot. It's hard to answer simply, after all it's taken me a while to get to a stage where a few publishers are sending me free titles. I've still got a long way to go before I am hitting even bigger publishers and well known titles but I am slowly making my way into this industry.
Some people don't really understand how this all works and at the end of the day, this blog is for them. For those that wonder why people get free games in the first place.
I'm very privileged that my best friend happened to land a job in Ubisoft. This is kind of an unfair advantage I have above others, seeing that she can get me into Ubisoft events if I ask to attend. It does however, make me feel really guilty when I ask. I never want her to feel that I am her friend just for her job and I always feel the need to make it up to her. She has been extremely supportive along the way and honestly without her friendship I don't think I would have the drive I have today to do what I want to do. So first of all, thank you Korina. I loves you!
A quick note is that as I live in the UK this post will have more tips for a British audience, however some tips are universal."

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