How Will the Killzone 2 Servers Hold Up?

Let me preface this by saying that you would be hard pressed to find anyone that is anticipating the launch of Killzone 2 more than me. But based on my history with Sony,(and game launches in general) I can't help but to anticipate being left with nothing to do but wait for the servers to be fixed next weekend. Call me a pessimist if you want, but based on my past experiences, I'm only being real.

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MURKERR3579d ago

anticipating kz2 more than you included

Lifendz3579d ago

Not a big deal to me. When LBP's servers were acting up I played the amazing story levels until they got it right. IF the same happens for KZ2, which always does for any major release with multiplayer (see: MGS4, LBP, and Warhawk), then I'll just play the single player campaign and work on my trophies.

Trying to get my plat in R2 before KZ2 drops is a real pain btw. I need to beat the game on super mode or whatever its called and get to level 30 in coop.

earwax3579d ago

Nobody is on PSN anyway.That demo was WEAK and you know it! I was going to buy this game day 1 now I am going to wait for the $49.99 price drop.

LoVeRSaMa3579d ago

Id Just like to point out that COD 4 servers are not run by sony and that they do not use dedicated servers but P2P like xbox.

Other then that he speaks truth, but I doubt Sony are going to let this online experience become compromised, they are new to this online thing, slowly but surely they are getting better...

Killzone 2 is going to be Immense [=

phosphor1123579d ago

I'll be playing single player a couple times through.

Ryo-Hazuki3579d ago

give me a damn break...the demo was the intro tutorial. What do you expect from a demo. People like you are truly ignorant

Doppy3579d ago

I hope they will be ready at launch. Most top tier games have server problems during launch (especially PS3 games). They need to have the servers ready for at least 3 million people at launch.

BiG_LU3579d ago

Love my ps3 and can wait for anything, that's why I got both system to wait until the fix the issue, is like when I play socom for the first time I wait until they fix it and now I can stop playing cuz for me is the best shoot game out in any console and I'm talking about the accuracy, it feel real and the aiming is awesome.

Sheikh Yerbouti3579d ago

It is not like an RROD...? Some things always present challenges, and an onrush of 1 million players (based on pre-orders) will definitely be a challenge.

But ya never know; it might go off without a hitch.

FrankenLife3579d ago


You are going to be waiting a while. In the meantime I will be enjoying the PSN just a little bit more knowing you aren't on there. Better yet, don't buy the game at all.

callahan093578d ago

LittleBigPlanet had the misfortune of having to save and distribute people's creations in addition to letting people play together online. Of course complications would occur. Resistance 2 was miraculously flaw-free at launch, with clean matches, fast search times, and no lag at all. I think the chances are at least decent that Killzone 2 will have a smooth launch. But even if it doesn't, it won't bother me, because I'm not touching the online til I've had my fun with the campaign, and there have been enough 80+ reviews just for the single-player campaign, so I know that this game will have a fun campaign to keep us all occupied for a while, it's not JUST about the online play (though online will turn out to be the primary draw for most of us)

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Why o why3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

to provide some real dedicated servers and they have had more hits (warhawk resistance 1+2 Motorstorm 1+2 wipeout) etc than misses (SOCOM tekken dr) in terms of netcode My glass is half full on this 1. Its something that sony has done RIGHT

@MURKERR u know u can pick up kz2 right now in east london right?

Tryst3579d ago

What shop in the UK is selling this them?

Kouzmich3579d ago

No game had perfect servers from the start. There is that first wave of ppl when the game comes out, biggest stress on servers. Then some ppl where expecting something deferent and are not interested in that game any more they leave. Servers stabilize.
I was in the KZ BETA there was this one thing that bugged hell out of me. You shoot a guy , he shoots you back kills you , then second or two later you see that he died and that you killed him. So I just started to count bullets, 3-4 bullets kill a person. Shoot at someone , he got hit seen that hit indicator, ran away , second or two later he died. There where no lag battles , those where the best , till game crashed :)
Hope that was fixed , everything else was cool.

chewy3173579d ago

Your exaggerating... its 0.3 sec when its lagging not 2....

scottmichael3579d ago

i agree Kouzmich, i cant thnk of a game on the playstation 3 thats 'perfect servers from the start'

Kouzmich3579d ago

@ scottmichael

I meant in general on all plaforms , even PC in some case ( personal experience).

Nice try, you evil person.

thehitman3579d ago

Resistance had perfect servers and the best that I can remember. Never had game lag once and if I seen some sort of lag it was someone's connection probably dling porn lol.

Yipee Bog3579d ago

did pretty well with the servers for both of their Resistance games at launch, but I understand with the new game server issue. Heres looking at you Socom Confrontation

Kleptic3579d ago

yeah Resistance 2 has always been fine...but that is about it...LBP had some minor problems for a few days...Socom was simply a broken game when it released, which I think was more of an issue of it simply not being complete...than just being buggy...

the beta for killzone 2 was pretty solid...some network errors here and there, but by the end of it with the server side updates, that had it running pretty well...

but yeah...stats and ranks will be broken...just plan on it for a few days at least...this game is going to sell well, and that is what snaps stat databases...lots of users...

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Mr PS33579d ago

But it wont stop anyones fun
Think for most it will be ok
Either way come fri its all Good

Spawnofgods3333579d ago

dont worry about it GG has a MASSIVE server room and have tested and fixed all the problems in the beta

BiG_LU3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Hope you right but any way I think if has any problem I will play the game no matter what cuz I have to finish that beauty of game lol.