Def Jam Rapper Redman: "Powerstone was a dope ass f*cking game."

Rapper Redman informally held an interview with a member of some form of gaming blog. Beyond all the swearing, Redman declared he'd love to be in more games and he's glad he has the opportunity to f**king do this. He also goes on to praise such earlier titles from his past gaming experiences like Powerstone for the Sega Dreamcast and The Original Doom.

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lil bush4336d ago

im definately checking this game out

bluhefner4336d ago

Hahaha RedMan iz a cool guy,can't wait 4 his album too. But I think Def Jam Icon is gonna be complete crap.

Keyser4336d ago

Icon has an addictive lure about it. I thought it was garbage too but my pops and sister told me to check it out. (Yeah, pops is 51 and still games, not often though) It's actually fun to string together the combos. It's not hard or very challenging but it was fun to beat up my friends and family. Sometimes that's all you need. :)

ThaGeNeCySt4336d ago

"F*ck a PS3" - Redman


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