GameSpy: Empire: Total War Preview

Gabe Graziani from GameSpy writes:

"In the interests of full disclosure, I have to say that I've never played a Total War game before. My duties over the past few years at GameSpy have primarily focused on the console side of gaming, so my contact with the extreme edge of hardcore RTSes or 4X games has been limited to the likes of Command & Conquer 3 and Halo Wars (notice that I didn't even mention Civilization Revolution... I may not be super-conversant, but I'm not stupid either). So when Miguel asked me to sit in on a demo of Empire: Total War, my first reaction was, 'Me? Really?'"

* Incredibly expansive, a game of massive scale
* Superb attention to detail
* Relatively simple user interface

* A steep (albeit surmountable) learning curve
* Crushingly clever AI
* Friendly fire is "on" for cannon emplacements

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TheIneffableBob3528d ago

I don't really agree with the iffys. A complex game is good in an age where games are increasingly being simplified to appeal to a broader audience; the AI is much improved over previous installments in the series; and friendly fire alludes to my first statement concerning complexity and learning curve.

Agent VX3528d ago

I agree, I want a game that makes you think. I played the demo briefly, and my first impressions were very positive. My first land battle, the Americans spanked my butt as I was trying to learn the control.

Graphic look fantastic, and the depth of strategy looks deep. A day one purchase for me.

Vecta3528d ago

You do realise all the 'iffy' parts are positive besides the learning curve?

ThanatosDMC3528d ago

Friendly fire was always on ever since Rome Total War.