Mobile Gaming: What Went Wrong?

Back in 2003, one analyst predicted that today's mobile games market would be worth $18 billion. In fact, it's worth just $2.5 billion. What went wrong? That was the theme of Robert Tercek's keynote The First Decade of Mobile Games. The GDC Mobile founding chairman walked through the past ten years of deals, games and technical innovations, and sought to find out why the mobile games sector has failed to live up to those early promises.

He said, "$2.5 billion is a big number and something that we should be proud of. But why isn't it more than that? Why isn't it $18 billion? It's difficult to believe that five years ago, people were saying that today's mobile games market would be worth more than the PC and console games market combined."

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jonnyjd14270d ago

I can tell you why the mobile gaming industry ins't at $18B. There isn't one game that remotely holds my interest for more than 2 minutes. Therefore, the trial versions of Bejeweled and NFL are perfect. Just my opinion.

...end of line...

The great 14270d ago

mobile gamming sucks and with the release of the next gen consoles why shell out £5 on a game when you could buy games on your next gen console.

fenderputty4270d ago

Games waste the battery life of my phone soooo fast. I only play the demo's to kill 5 miutes of time. I never play one of the games to actually play the game.

dikturbo4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

See posts 1, 2 and 3 for my unsolicited opinion of mobile gaming. Sure is fun looking at a 2" screen and pushing up, down, left and right. Wee.

When the iPhone releases that will be the real potential of mobile gaming.

BIadestarX4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

Why? well, cause they suck! Have you seen the games!? not only that the controls make the game difficult to play, graphics suck major. Playing a game on your phone is like going back to atari 2600. Heck even Nintendo game look and play better. Not the kind of game anyone would expect after paying $200-$500 for a mobile.

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