Kotaku: What's New in Overlord II

Brace yourself: Overlord wasn't a great game. It was a good game-and it had a good idea-but style choices and control options and myriad technical flaws kept it from being the best evil experience ever.

Overlord II aims to change that in two major ways. First, the technical flaws are being aggressively addressed by the developer. AI has been updated so minions don't do stupid things, minion path-finding has been fixed so they don't do stupid things and a physics engine has been added to allow all kinds of new ways to be evil – like catapults. Second, now you really have to be evil instead of only partially evil. The choices you make and the minions you control are more black and white about their actions. The result will be either a lawful evil or chaotic evil Overlord: you can enslave or kill; you chase baby seals away from their homes or you can club them.

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