Joystiq impressions: DiRT 2

Joystiq writes: "The most immediately noticeable additions come by way of enormous (fictional) stadium venues packed with up to 140,000 fans and featuring rally cross events which integrate elements such as the aforementioned epic jumps. In one of the videos we were shown, we saw several cars tearing along a course that wove itself indoors and out, covering at least six or seven types of terrain -- and with plenty of elevation changes".

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PS3istheshit3528d ago

the pictures look so real
i might get this if i get a job

Kyur4ThePain3528d ago

Please tell me you don't think those are gameplay pics.

NaiNaiNai3528d ago

please tell me no one belives those new NFS pics as well, because everyone seems to belive those and they look close to this.

Bordel_19003528d ago

It's bullshit to release these shot's when gameplay won't even look close to those pictures.