Official Nintendo Magazine review scores

The latest Official Nintendo Magazine review scores include one of the first Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop scores.

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Close_Second3526d ago average DR on Wii scores as to buy a Wii in the first place you obviously have different gaming habits. Buying titles that would flop on other formats seems to be the norm on the Wii.

mastiffchild3526d ago

Not really, if something like Deadly Creatures gets 81% in ONM when everywhere else it's got less(usually between 6.5 and 7)you can see they're pretty lenient which accounts for what you say but then at those scores in this mag it reallymakes CTYD look bad.
DC got about 5 in Edge so just how average is Dead Risong on Wii-it looks like it's very own nightmare to me right now and Capcom should be doing better than this.

Voiceofreason3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

It is funny that you pull up Edge as the norm when they are actually the lowest score. And I cant believe any one that calls themselves a gamer can give credit to any edge review after the past couple of weeks.

TriforceLightning3526d ago

Tecmo, Konami, and now Capcom.How the mighty have fallen.

ChickeyCantor3526d ago

Not in their defense, but its just not " lazy ".
There are more factors as financial decisions and stuff like that.