Gamespot: Dawn of War 2 Review

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II is a fun and fascinating game with a bit of an identity crisis. In one corner you have an explosively intense multiplayer real-time strategy experience, brimming with savagely satisfying competition. In the other, you have an odd and somewhat enjoyable single-player campaign that plays more like an action role-playing game than an RTS. The relationship between these two disparate entities is superficial; the structure and gameplay of the campaign has little in common with that of your skirmishes against other players or the computer. It's a bizarre dichotomy that doesn't always work, but online play is so deeply rewarding that the scattered campaign missteps are easily forgiven.

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TheIneffableBob3530d ago

I think the campaign's actually pretty good.

NegativeCreep4273530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Whether it is considered off site or on site

on site or off=site!!!!!!!!!.

Fanboy or delusional!!!

Charlie26883530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Its is pretty obvious after reading the review that despite the score Kevin wanted the game to a more traditional RTS given the fact that he complains about pretty much all the changes that were made into the formula in one way or the other.

What I find kind of ironic with around half of the reviews this game has received is that they punish the game for not being like the first game but in HD with new units...pretty much a DOW 1.5 which is funny since now a days we hear SO much talk from reviewers about "innovation" but apparently you are punished if you are not innovative and you are punished for not being familiar or traditional enough

player reviews go for the worse since there we have the "people that wont accept change" or "the people that wont let go" I guess someone forgot to tell them that this is NOT a new expansion to the first but a new game altogether

Sharpshell3530d ago

And its getting worse that way. I am personally excited about this game and allthe things complained about actually made me more excited. I feel like in this day in videogames scoring needs to focus quality such as bad program, but stop trying to quantify fun (I had 8.7 fun playing this game due with .3 unfun caused by familiar units and 1 point unfun cuased by havignto learn something lol.

I feel liek reviewers forget that the average person doesn't play every single game ever made liek they do which causes them to either accuse a game of being to formuliac (b/c they have played the formula far to often) or complain that it isn't similar enough to its roots (b/c they have personal atachment to one IP over the thousands they have to play).

Thus games with no innovation in a series that has already been deemed good by some arbitary scale scate by while good gmaes of a poorly received franchise are hammered for "lack o inovation" while new IPs are always treated 10 times as harshly.

Anyway I completely agree

zag3530d ago

The install for the game is a complete shambles.

But the game itself is more like the Table top game it's all about the troops and while has some base builing it's not like before where you simply built a base and then trashed the other side as quickly as you could.

Prettyt good but I think the handling of units could have been better each troop is via a number and multi troop selection and handling isn't as good as DOW really.

Also a shame the tropps attack is pre selected and assulting can't be pre set as per DOW