Digitimes: Full HD adoption for TVs to soar in 2011

One third of the worldwide TV consumers will select full high-definition (HD) TVs in 2011, according to Displaybank.

"This year will be the year to open up the full HD TV market in full scale, and the market will skyrocket to 70 million units by 2011. Overall full HD TV market is estimated to reach 2.1 million units last year and the scale may grow four times to eight million units in 2007."

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Keyser4638d ago

I've read a similar article before but I don't think 07 or 2011 will be the year for HDTV like the article is suggesting. I believe that the industry will continue to see a steady increase in sales but I believe that 08 will be the record shattering year. As the deadline grows closer and closer for the govt's order to shutdown analog signals and move the country to digital signals in 09 every one will feel the pressure to purchase an HDTV and since most people probably haven't bought one in years, people will be more likely to spend a little extra cash to get a nice one that will last them a good 8-9 years (before the screen burns out). Also, with most tvs just adopting HDMI 1.3 this year and receivers doing the same, the prices will be high and probably not fall until next year.

Or...I could be wrong...