IGN: Operation Flashpoint 2 Hands-On

The story in a nutshell is that the game is set on a fictional Russian island in the Northern Pacific that has been invaded by the People's Liberation Army and the United States has sent the Marine Corps to assist the Russians. You get to play as the Marines, and it sounds like there are two acts, one that focuses on Special Forces and the other on the Marines. In addition to being able to be a grunt, you can jump into civilian and military vehicles, and there's pretty much the entire inventory of modern Chinese, Russian, and American military toys at your disposal, including M1A2 Abrams and Seahawk helicopters.

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DragonWarrior465343531d ago

This is one of my most anticipated games this year.

no_more_trolling3531d ago

i loved the first one. if the xbox 360 can run this, then its still a very powerful system

XLiveGamer3531d ago

Both games coming out this year (Operation Flashpoint 2 & ARMA 2) its a tactic that its going to put in check every FPS War(Action)Game on both consoles. Name me a FPS war game on both consoles and even on PC that its a better than ARMA 2 or Operation Flashpoint 2. If the competition even try to make a game similar to both they are going to have a hard time.

You have your Killzone 2 but theres no way i trade this game or the other for KZ2.

QuackPot3530d ago

...for the Ps3 by the developers who gave us the original SOCOM.

256 player MP on a console. What else needs to be said?

Looking forward to OF2 but more so MAG.

XLiveGamer3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

lol! MAG better than ARMA or Operation Flashpoint? Are you blind? Read about MAG and play ARMA and compare their gaming style. MAG its a good intention & apparently its another FPS Action War Game. But what about Real & Simulation?

QuackPot3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Never said SOCOM was better. Read my words more carefully next time before commenting.

Zipper Interactive are a quality developer working on a new IP......MAG.



KZ2 should not be compared to these games. KZ2 is not a open world real world shooter with fully usable air and land vehicles.

Again, MAG....with 256 player MP....on a console. Just one console. You know which one. lol.

jBat173530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

xbots that think this is a 3fixme exclusive

anyway, this game is nothing special, though

QuackPot3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

...and what a rant.

I enjoy games and am looking forward to playing OF2, ARMa 2 and.....don't get upset now....MAG.

So take a deep breath and calm down. Play games not War. Peace out. lol.

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Pleth3531d ago

This game is going to be so sweet but KZ2 looks pretty dope, too. No need to trade, 1st day purchases for both of 'em.

Bubbles to all 3 of ya for knowing of a game that gets so little attention yet is so frigging awesome in all areas.