Blowing Our Cash on Games, And Why It's A Good Thing

The author of the article humorously discusses the perks of spending money on video games, as compared to alternative sources of entertainment like movies, clubbing and music purchases and why video games may well prove to be an oasis of joy during the recession.

What's in a game that makes it the best entertainment bargain?

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manwich253529d ago

I always knew that games were a great investment

StillGray3528d ago

Gaming certainly offers the best value for money, especially in contrast to just about everything else. Movies, clubbing, drinks, they're all expensive by comparison and not even half as much fun.

There were several weekend when I'd spend 50 dollars at a club for 2-3 hours worth of fun and end up feeling exhausted from the whole 'ordeal' when I could've spent the same amount of money for a great game and enjoyed for an entire month.

iseven3528d ago

oh thank god. someone who thinks just like me