MEGamers Review: Street Fighter 4

MEGamers writes: "Hardcore gamers or regular 'Arcade' folk will recognize the series of street fighter and welcome it with open arms and say, "This what fighting games are all about". With their hardcore joypads and amazingly designed arcade sticks for the preparation of a 'new challenger on approach' gamers rejoice and welcome this classic 2D fighting game to the new and next generation of gamers. For those who are not familiar with the street fighter genre, its debut started in 1987 in Japanese arcades and since then it was picked up by everyone and also imported to the US where it's image has changed the arcade atmosphere forever. With it's simple 2D graphics in a fighting genre and intense combo moves, it soon became more of a culture in the hardcore gaming world. The announcement of SF4 came on October 17th 2007, 8 years after the previous street fighter game, street fighter 3 (the 3rd strike). SF4 is now welcoming gamers into the new and next generation of consoles as well as the PC version."

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