Ubisoft: No online play for Blazing Angels Wii

Ubisoft have confirmed that Blazing Angels on Wii will not feature online multiplayer.'s contact at Ubisoft has confirmed that the Wii incarnation of Blazing Angels, due out at the end of March, will not feature online multiplayer in any form whatsoever.

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cuco334270d ago

damn... i was really looking forward to online play for this game

guess it's a rental and not a buy :(

BIadestarX4270d ago

HAHA! I guess it is true what they are saying. Nintendo is leaving 3rd out of the picture when it comes to online features. They are probably trying to possition the first party titles ahead as usual. I think they forgot that pretty much cost them the console war back when the first Playstation came out.

PS360WII4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

Here I even used this argument in an earlier post about how it would have online. Ah well what can you do. Nintendo already stated they don't think that online multiplayer is that big of an issue... though some would disagree. Think about it though with the DS selling as crazy as it is with all them games out for it with over a million sales each and not even 30% of them play online... It's just how they think