Wanna Know Why The Xbox 360 Isn't Getting The Titan Pack For UT3?

Dale North Writes:

" I didn't want to misrepresent here. Instead, I'll let Epic Games tell you themselves. I've pulled this from an email they just sent:

The file size limitations prevent us from releasing it, not to mention we have things like split-screen support (which 360 already has), maps that are already in the 360 version, the integrated mod browser (which 360 doesn't support)… the list goes on. Obviously, we are big supporters of Xbox 360 (Gears, anyone?) but there are significant hurdles keeping us from shipping the Titan Pack for Microsoft's platform."

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1ikedamaster3552d ago

interesting? mean, Oh...we already have the DLC that's why we're not getting it.

earwax3552d ago

Uhhhhhhhh.........because NOBODY gave a $hit about this game and it sold next to NOTHING on the 360 AND the PS3? maybe THAT is why. I bought this game with a gift card (for the PS3 mind you),put it in for 5 mins took it out and sold it on Ebay the same day.

sak5003552d ago

The game is pathetic in this day and age. It would have been good last gen. And as above person pointed out, single player is just MP with bots.

rroded3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

seriously this games way underappreciated imo its the absolute apex of the unreal series. No doubt it will get a lot more hours in our home with the extra maps n trophy support.

ps ty for this great free addon cant wait to buy your next game :D

Mindboggle3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

I agree, its one of the best FPS this gen imo and definetly deserves to be rose from the grave.

Microsoft really failed on all fronts here. Patch size limit ! WTF(confirmed elsewhere)
And not supporting mods is stupid. They obviously dont want people downloading in game items for free, they want to charge for them instead.

ZootHornRollo3552d ago

but the URE is a fail engine.

saddly the pack wont go on XBL doto its free and ms wont give away free things.

and this game sucks im sorry but its just a run gun and take no skill game

marichuu3552d ago

I don't know about it being underrated...
I mean it's basically been the same game ever since the first one.

Bnet3433552d ago

"its the absolute apex of the unreal series"

LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! OMFG LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude, thanks for the laugh ... good lord you don't know what your talking about lol oh my goodness.

ThanatosDMC3552d ago

No the best UT is the 1999 one. UT2000+ were just too big (that's what she said!)...

Nvm... i failed again...

Bnet3433552d ago

UT99 was nice, but UT 2004 is by far the best in the series. UT3 is garbage.

RonRico3552d ago

Dude if you are saying URT3 is a no skill run and gun, then what is Halo(1,2 or 3) to you? I'd say they are both in the middle as far as how skilled a decent player need to be.

ZootHornRollo3552d ago

halo sucks and its another run and gun no skill game. there is no skill needed to play those games. any person can get a top score or almost look good

MazzingerZ3552d ago

Nice to see SONY borrowing the PSN to EPIC so they can support their game as they wish, in other words, FREE DLC.

I bet that was one of the first Q from Microsoft "What do I get from that?"

Elven63552d ago

From what I read the patch is only 300MB, Microsoft's limit on a patch size is 150MB, I wonder how big the patch would be after removing the additions already on the 360 version.

vhero3552d ago

sorry but the URE is not a fail engine its used in a lot of nex gen games not just shooters. The engine has made them millions and made some of the best games for the 360 and ps3 I wouldn't call that fail so how about starting facts than chatting made up crap ZootHornRollo.

Ateanboy3552d ago

What a slap in the fukin face!!!!

Microsoft knows they fuked up. Hard-ware wise. The whole spectrum. They rushed to come out before Sony and came out with a bunch of dated a(and faulty) hardware.

y0haN3551d ago

Everyone knows Microsoft are stingy when it comes to patch sizes and DLC being free. Apparently if something's over 8 Megabytes (or whatever) it should cost money.

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zethos563552d ago

...because nobody plays it on the 360?

FantasyStar3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Man, I don't know about you. But I just got off of a pretty heated 16 player Warfare. It's still crazy. I got the 360 Version instead because I had more friends on the 360 that have this game.

ThanatosDMC3552d ago

The major turn off for the game is it's servers... THEY SUCK!

I have it for the PS3 and Steam... they both suck! They need dedicated servers or something.

UT2004 on Steam... i cant even host.

outlawlife3552d ago

there are dedicated servers....

the ones with names like "midway east"...the ones that how up when you search "dedicated only"

Ldubbz3552d ago

That nobody cares? I though UT3 on console seemed like a lame idea when the game was first announced on PS3, and the 360/PS3 sales of this game so far confirm my belief.

Dont get me wrong, UT3 is one of the best on PC; it is truly THE twich shooter, but its meant to be played with a mouse. Just my two cents...

Mindboggle3552d ago

The Ps3 version supports everything the PC does including mouse and keyboard support. Its equally good on both systems, the PC version has more players though.

Kushan3552d ago

I thought PC and PS3 versions worked together? Or was that just certain servers or something?

LeonSKennedy4Life3552d ago

Most people play it on the PS3 with a mouse and keyboard.

Ldubbz3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Playing your PS3 with a mouse and keyboard? That kills the couch factor for me. Weak sauce...

Violater3552d ago

Its optional!
and a good option at that.
In any case no one plays either version anymore.
Edit: hardly anyone.

Pixel_Addict3552d ago

STFU. If this was a 360/PC exclusive you'd say - "360 version of Unreal 3 controls match the PC's for a good twitch shooter."

URT3 on the PS3 plays fine. May not be at spazzy as the PC version but in some ways that is great. Either way, PS3 owners can use a keyboard/mouse... as for your sorry a$$, NO KEYBOARD/MOUSE FOR YOU!

Ldubbz3552d ago

Didnt know that the mouse/kb combo was so important to people...chill out. Didnt know my personal preferences bothered people so

And I completely stand by what I said...UT3 sales on consoles are crap, especially compared to PC. Is that that hard to believe?

I mean, do you move your PS3 to a desk? I dont see how you could comfortably accomodate a kb/mouse in 99% of typical console setups.

So I say to you Pixel, STFU...

GarandShooter3552d ago

Ldubbz, wireless keyboard and mouse, through USB or bluetooth.

STONEY43552d ago

"I mean, do you move your PS3 to a desk?"

Actually, yes, it's on the same desk as my PC monitor because I play it on my monitor. So mouse and keyboard works perfect for me.

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Cajun Chicken3552d ago

Can't wait for this patch. Can't wait for Splitscreen.

Could still do with the damn sim/management/ladders side of things though!!!