Console Monster: Grand Theft Auto IV: Lost & Damned

David Wriglesworth from Console Monster writes: "It has been said that 2009 is the year of the downloadable content. Burnout Paradise, Tomb Raider: Underworld and even Scene It? Box Office Smash are just a few of the titles that new content has already been released for and there's a lot more on its way. But arguably the most anticipated downloadable content was for Grand Theft Auto IV. Microsoft and Rockstar went to great lengths in order to guarantee Xbox 360 owners would still be playing the game a year on from release, and after a few delays, Lost & Damned has arrived on the shores of Liberty City.

In the opening cutscene, players are introduced to each of the members of Liberty City biker gang, The Lost, including the gang's Vice President and the game's new protagonist, Johnny Klebitz. There's even a vague appearance from fan's favourite, Niko Bellic. Players soon learn that after providing business opportunities for the biker gang, Johnny is forced to take a step down when The Lost President, Billy Grey, returns from a fifteen-year stretch in prison and rehab. Upon Billy's arrival, Johnny finds himself in the middle of turf wars with rival gangs for control over Liberty City.

This change of character also brings a change in gameplay. Niko was very much a lone wolf and would often complete missions on his own, whilst Johnny is more-or-less the total opposite as he is very rarely seen without a gang of bikers offering him a helping hand..."

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