Misterrandom: Race Pro Review

Mister Random writes: Race Pro is what I class as a serious racing simulation and in terms of games already available is very similar to Forza 2 in terms of game play. In some respects it is even less forgiving that Forza 2 in terms of car control as I have found myself going off track more frequently than in Forza 2. There is a good range of real world tracks provided including several that are rarely simulated, and they avoided the racing sim cliche of doing yet another version of the Nurburgring though they do have Mazda Laguna Seca which is probably almost as bad in terms of being in most racing games. There are also plenty of tuning options if you want to try that out on your cars but it is entirely optional, however in all other respects there is nowhere near the wealth of customization options that Forza 2 provides.

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DavidMacDougall3553d ago

Jesus! The flop box is on a roll

Helghast Slayer3553d ago

The flop train is at full speed with no signs of stopping. Better "JUMP OUT" the way or get destroyed.

Get it "jump out"? ahh forget it.

Ninja Viking3553d ago

jealous much trolls? cause you seem to care enough to post on a game youre not playing.