Apple TV: also a casual games console system?

Announced just two months ago, Apple TV is Apple's newest attempt in bringing downloadable iTunes content from computers to television screens. But sources at AppleInsider have stumbled upon some code in the latest version of iTunes revealing that the Apple TV might also double as a console for casual games.

A recent interview with Greg Canessa, founder of Xbox Live Arcade and current vice president of PopCap games, confirms these rumors, perhaps in an inadvertent slip of the tongue. When asked by Wired about his job duties at PopCap, Canessa responded:

"It will be about taking the stable of franchises and games out of PopCap's studio and adapting, customizing it for different platforms -- adding multiplayer, new play modes, HD, customizing the user interface and display for Zune, ipod, Apple TV, Nintendo DS, PSP." [emphasis ours]

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BIadestarX4636d ago

The console market is the deadliest one. Apple I dare you to enter it! It will take more than a few tv ads ridiculizing other companies to get people to buy your console.

ben hates you4636d ago

bashers in the world they are only alive because of the ipod their computers suck the people who own them think they are better then everyone else because they spent more on a system that has no games their commercials rely on bashing other companies but i do find it funny that bill gates said that commercial didn't affect anything

DEIx15x84636d ago

People that buy Apple computers do think they are better because they usually spend more on there computers since they use them for work to get places in life and make money rather than wasting time on games. Glad to see another person that understands the Mac!

Keyser4636d ago

I disagree on about everything I just read from you guys^^^. Apple makes a better OS and probably the best computers. They just don't have the marketshare that PC's an Microsoft has. Sometimes what's better isn't always what's cheapest, generally that's not the case. You normally spend more for better products.

I also hope that Apple eventually throws it's hat into the ring. Why stifle competition? That would only make Sony and MS (of course) work harder. They are all competitors and MS would love to shove a steak through Apples heart and the same for Apple. They would love to come in and show MS they do something else better than they do.

Another contestant in this Battle Royale would be great for,! We would get some really innovative stuff from all parties. They would have to plan hard to know the competitions next move. They would rarely want to run the risk of putting out a sub-par game. It would be too important.

Every game would count like NCAA football (hopefully without the horrible end to the season) and our gaming community would win. Sure we'd pay the upfront cost for their hardware but all that competition would seriously drive down the price of games. Competition is good...

neil19884520d ago

i think that apple should make a console
they cod make a combination of the MacMini and iTV
i think they would do very well at it
thats my opinion