See how Resistance Retribution connects to the PS3

See 2 new features in Resistance Retribution and the PSP using Dualshock 3 control via PS3.

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Cajun Chicken3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Please Sony, let this be the future of PSP. This is great, the PSP and PS3 really need to be visibly and publicly linked more. Although I can really only 'Infect' my PSP due to having a PSP-1000, its still damn cool, more game features like this and I'll gladly see about upgrading!

EDIT: Y'know, I loved the Chimera health bar in R1 and its great to see it in Infected Mode, it really makes me wish that Insomniac somehow optionally patched it back in in R2.

OhReginald3524d ago

Amazing. Simply Amazing.

thereapersson3524d ago


*drives off in a hurry*

Cajun Chicken3524d ago

The demo for this is pretty damned good. Dreamcast used to have aiming controls like that, I could really like this game when its out.