Gamer 2.0: Retro Game Challenge Review

Gamer 2.0 writes: "With a lot of the retro love covering remakes, compilations, and the big three's digital download services, it's nice to see someone taking a bit of a different approach to the nostalgia love fest. Retro Game Challenge for the DS celebrates the 80's when the NES was the king for a lot of children, but will you want to return to your youth for this game?

Retro Game Challenge is based on a Japanese show about retro games, but has been retrofitted to be more interesting as a game. You've been turned into a kid and sent back to the 80's to stay with a kid named Arino, the child version of the retro game master that has sent you back in time, and the only way back is to relive the mid-80's by completing challenges for the big, new releases to beat Game Master Arino at his own game and return to the present. Though everything's been localized by XSeed Games to be more approachable for us, it's easy to see that this game has more of a Japanese nostalgic tilt, from the Famicom that you play games with to the Japanese living room that you and little Arino hang out in to take on these challenges."

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