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KingDizzi3529d ago

Really hope this comes to the PS3 so more people get to enjoy it, PC for me though.


Coming to a ps3 near you ;)

StayHigh3529d ago

It didnt say 360 only or will come to the PS3 and NO OONE should be suprise because its EA..

Hydrolex3529d ago

then Mass Effect 2 doesnt matter if it's coming or not

chaosatom3529d ago

so they have plenty of opportunity to port it to ps3.

But If they do port it, I want them to do it right. EA can port it if they want to since they are now good with ps3 architecture.

Neoraf3529d ago

Mass Effect is my BGOAT. Period.

BGOAT = Best Game Of All Time.

Racial issues.
Religious issues.
Human Relations.
Moral choices.

Best scenario in a game.
Strong dialogues.

I can't wait for MASS EFFECT 2.
Bioware, I admire you.

locos853529d ago

I would love to play this on my PS3 but since I finished the first game on my 360, I will continue my story on the 360

GUNS N SWORDS3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

.........since when was ME2 announced for ps3?

someone needs to correct that, the trailer it's self doesn't even say that it's going multiplat.

anyways, what IS interesting is that trailer it's self confirms the whole fvcking cast from the original ME in plain view.

so basically i was right from the start. ME1 needs, no, MUST be ported to ps3 in order to understand the the full story. if not then that's a 60 hrs worth of story your missing out on.

i also heard recently in one of G4's newest pod casts that ME2 will have the function to port YOUR custom character from the original ME, if this rumor is true (which the trailer it's self is depicting, they didn't put "JOHN" or "JANE shepard" it just says "shepard" smart huh :) then that will also mean that you will need the original ME. (to take advantage of that feature)

NaiNaiNai3529d ago

the fact you can port your character has been know since ME 1 came out, they announced its going to be like 3 or so games. they also you don't need a character to play ME2, since they do a cut over the whole story in 1. so it could go the the ps3, but the chances of it are as much as Final fantasy 7 going to the 360, so there is still a good chance it can.

Sarcasm3529d ago

Are some people really that blind to see if this was an Xbox360 exclusive you would see MS and "Xbox Live" plastered all over the place?

NaiNaiNai3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

dead or alive 4 it still doesn't have 360 only logo.

Aquanox3528d ago

Superb Teaser.

I see a lot of Sony boys dying for this game... and one can't blame them =)

AsswipewithyourFlag3528d ago

Never got into the first one but this game looks mighty sweet

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KingDizzi3529d ago

Oh snap looks like someone will not be making a return to the game :O

Dark_Vendetta3529d ago

wtf? No they can't kill shepard! What's wrong with you Bioware? Tell me it's not true.
Damn why 2010? I'm already hyped

kwicksandz3529d ago

i dont care if shepard dies but wrex was my main ally pretty much the whole game, and garrus those 2 need to come back. and maybe they could make gas mask girl useful this time round.

Dark_Vendetta3528d ago

Well I killed Wrex although I liked him. Looks like Shepard will die in the new DLC :'(

JustinSaneV23529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Shepard KIA!? WTF!?



Wait a minute...
Was Shepard a Geth!?

TheHater3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

no, he is Human dude. You didn't play Mass Effect?

edit: @Cajun Chicken
Don't jump to conclusion. When I first played God of War and Kratos is jumping off the cliff, I thought he was going to die. Look what happen

Cajun Chicken3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Whoa. I haven't even got all the way though the first game and now I know he's going to die?!?

Edit: True.

hay3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

My Shepard was hot looking, handsome, bad-ass mofo who didn't break a sweat eradicating hordes of geth on hardcore, with level high enough to break any synthetic bare-handedly in half as a part of a training to repeat that on Insane. He can't die.

Can't wait for sequel. Still wearing proudly my N7 crew t-shirt.

JustinSaneV23529d ago

@ #2:

Did you not even watch the video? The Geth at the end was dressed in Shepard's armor.

kwicksandz3529d ago

i thought it was scanning his body not wearing his armour.

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jkhan3529d ago

no mention of platform. hhmmm... I guess we will find out at gdc09.

PirateThom3529d ago

EA are publishing.

Platforms will include, PS3, 360, PC, Wii, PS2, DS, PSP and iPhone.

meepmoopmeep3529d ago

lol, Thom

no kidding, eh?

jkhan3529d ago

GDC09 is March 23-27 2009.
Damn boy, why are you so insecure? Every time I see your comment its either about bashing the PS3 or praising the beauty of 360?
You do realize you take your gaming a bit too seriously?

Why dis3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

"Damn boy, why are you so insecure?"

So says the loyal fan of Sony so desperate that this game comes to PS3 you guys make wild claims spreading misinformation and suggestive fiction because you think this will hurt Sony.

I don't think you guys want this game but you don't wan't Sony to be out of the spotlight either.

"Damn boy, why are you so insecure?"

^^^ LOL he's not the one running around in every Mass Effect room saying its coming to X console when there has been no mention of it.


Where is the dam PC channel? lol a PS3 channel but no PC channel LMAO.

The 360 version is going to release and after that the PC version.


"I believe we'll be Xbox 360 exclusive for at least a short period of time," Atwood told CVG. "We've got a really great PC fan base, we think it's really important to deliver the PC experience as quickly as possible," he continued in a VideoGamer interview.

The first entry in BioWare's planned Mass Effect trilogy arrived on Xbox 360 last fall, with a PC version, co-developed by Demiurge, due out May 6. Many had speculated that, following EA's acquisition of BioWare and the publishing rights for Mass Effect, the sequel would release simultaneously on multiple platforms.

BioWare has yet to specify a release window for Mass Effect 2."

Notice the multi platform statement was in reference to not just the 360 version but they want to make a PC version just a few weeks ago EA announced that ME2 was multi platform for sure(360/PC) which started the rumors.

jkhan3529d ago

xbox gamertag: jehanzebkhan, psn id: jehanzeb. Go check it out. I own both consoles & I played MassEffect on 360 and kids like you are giving gaming a bad name.

Why dis3529d ago

To tell you the truth I think MSFT is using this suspense to hype the game and then they will hype/boast it during an upcoming game show.

1ikedamaster3529d ago

Well said Why Dis.

At the same time, if Why Dis was able to purchase PS3 for it's exclusives why can't you all in the PS3 side purchase a 360 if ME2 is 360/PC exclusive? Goes to prove the double-standard.

lord_of_balrogs3529d ago

Same here, I plan to purchase the PS3 so I can get KZ2, GOW3, and MGS4. I really hate that double standard.

Why dis3529d ago

I own PS3 but if it does come to PS3 I'll get the 360 version and not some BS EA port of the EU3 engine.

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lord_of_balrogs3529d ago

Wow, this is a pleasant suprise, I wasn't expecting any new info this early.

But KIA? No it can't be.

This is gonna be one of the 360's best exclusives when it releases.

Cajun Chicken3529d ago

This is gonna be one of the 360's best exclusives when it releases...IF it turns out to be an 360 exclusive.

pippoppow3529d ago

Will most likely appear at the very least on the PC also. Gotta love diehard 360 fans that tout a multiplatform game as exclusive.

lord_of_balrogs3529d ago

I meant console exclusive as in not on any other consoles such as the PS3.