Top 25 Hardest Games of All Time

GameDaily Writes:
Most of today's video games are pushovers lasting a few mere hours. The following top 25, however, are the most difficult games you'll run into and not easily beaten. We dare you to play any of the following without cursing, throwing controllers or kicking chairs.

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Blackfrican3524d ago

Neither Portal nor Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was difficult.

Smacktard3524d ago

whWHAT? Who in their right mind would consider Portal a hard game? And harder than Viewtiful Joe, to boot! If Portal is up there as a hard game, then maybe Lee Carvello's Putting Challenge should be too. And CoD4 harder than Mushihimesama Futari? Seriously, google that game. I've seen it before seeing this list. It's insane. Check out the last boss fight.

And Mega Man 9 at number 4? Please, it's not that hard. I've completed Mr. Perfect and all of the other in-game challenges in the Wii version. It's tough, but nowhere near some of those games. It does not deserve #4.

DelbertGrady3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

I think it's stupid that they say games like COD4 and Doom are hard if you "turn up the difficulty level". Most games are hard if you do that lol! What matters is the default mode.

Where is Comix Zone? Or Phantasy Star I? FF Tactics? Wonderboy III (awesome game btw)? Has anyone played Ecco the dolphin on the Dreamcast? More or less impossible.

hay3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Woot? Ninja Gaiden? Fail. I've finished the game without increasing my health/ninpo and using it since... I didn't really research what items I picked up. When by the end of the game I used them my HP bar was like three times longer, and the game started to be disappointing.
It ISN'T the hardest game of all time.
If you think it is, play some more games.

Edit: Ecco? It was beautiful game, and pretty hard too. Still have my copy.

Mini Mario3524d ago

"the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on NES was a hard Mofo,,,,,"

It should have been Number 1 adn at the very least been in the top ten. Super ghouls n ghosts, such a hard game..but so fun.

Mini Mario3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

"I think it's stupid that they say games like COD4 and Doom are hard if you "turn up the difficulty level"

You are corrct 110%. Street fighter is easy as at star one (but if u crank it to star 8...tought times). I dont know how they can put games in the list that are hard at the "hard" difficulty. Of corse doom is hard on nightmare if they keep re spawning! it has to been judged on the game in "normal" mode IMO.

The list has some acurate choices, but when they put in games for how hard they can get..u gotta wonder what on earth they are thinking

But i am glad they didnt put in broken games like E.T on the atari in the list (because even tho its hard...its broken and i dont think anyone has finished it...ever), so they did put some thought into it.

F zero Gx was an Awesome game (and equally hard), so i agree with many on the list. TMNT, tho..shouldve been number 1. (unless they thought it was too "broken")

BobDog3524d ago

you couldnt last 10 seconds on doom on nightmare difficulty, i think it was meant to be used with cheats

Dark_Overlord3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Just watched that Mushihimesama Futari vid on youtube

Its a fvcking joke, that is imposssible without infinite continues

And to those saying TMNT on the NES should be number 1, I completed that game when I was about 7 or 8 it wasn't that hard

EDIT - after looking at the list, all I'll say is

25. Ice Climber - Finished years ago
24. Viewtiful Joe - Completed (Not that hard when you learn attack patterns)
23. MDK 2 - Never played (Didn't like original)
22. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link - Completed (Not that hard)
21. Metal Slug series - Easy (Infinite credits are a joke, but can finish in one)
20. Tetris - This is way too easy
19. Gauntlet - Completed this on 1p when I was a lot younger
18. Portal - Really? This is easy
17. Bionic Commando series - Never played
16. Guitar Hero series - Played but don't like the game
15. Shinobi - Never seen a copy anywhere so haven't had chance to play
14. F-Zero GX - Hate most racing games, so never played
13. Mushihimesama Futari - Look at my comment above
12. Doom, Nightmare difficulty - Silly but have completed with no cheats
11. Call of Duty 4 - P1ss easy even on veteran
10. Contra series - Hardish but have finished the ones ive played
9. Defender - Easy (finished this years ago)
8. Devil May Cry 3 - OK Hard (Haven't got round to starting DMD mode yet)
7. God of War series - Not hard at all
6. R-Type - A joke at times but have completed them all
5. Ikaruga - Never heard of it
4. Mega Man 9 - Never played
3. Battletoads - Completed, not as hard as everyone says
2. Ghouls n' Ghosts - Hard (not funny when you reach the end 1st time)
1. Ninja Gaiden - Is this a joke no way is this the hardest game ever, it just requires a bit of time to learn all the enemy patterns

kparks3524d ago

COD4 was easy even on the hardest difficulty... i would like to see mike tyson punch out on there mike tyson was hard as sh!t

kparks3524d ago

If you can beat 1942:Joint Strike on WING KING you are a bad a$$ lol

Mini Mario3523d ago

And to those saying TMNT on the NES should be number 1, I completed that game when I was about 7 or 8 it wasn't that hard "

I never said i never completed it, i just said it was hard. To me tho the controls were what made it hard...and some odd placed items and jumps to jump over. Once of corse u work them out it gets easier. But intially it was.

Super star wars was brutal too at first, yet now i can complete it without too much trouble.

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MrJack3524d ago

That game was easy, what about Uncharted on crushing? That was nigh on impossible.

barom3524d ago

I disagree. Uncharted was a fairly easy game. On Crushing difficulty equals that of what Call Of Duty 4 was on Hardened. It's perfectly challenging but not even remotely close to impossible.

Awookie3524d ago

Uncharted??? no way one play through and you know exactly what to do in every fight the next playthrough.
It was harder on normal than crushing
Mario and luigi 2 had one of the hardest final bosses i remember playing

cmrbe3524d ago

NES to me was the hardest game i have ever played. I tried it on an emulator and its still freaking hard.

SuperSharpShooter3524d ago

Now that game was mad, and very unforgiving,the amount of times i died was mental( Super snes days) took a life time to finish,just like the arcade machines of past,ruthless!!

P.s Any one else play Super Mario All Stars?.(calling all veteran gamers!)

Cheeseknight283524d ago

I've played it, but I didn't think any of the games were particularly hard except Lost Levels.

TriforceLightning3524d ago

Easily one the most underatted and difficult games of the Mario series.Needs to have a sequel.

The gaming GOD3524d ago

Because most of us older gamers know how hard those games were. Nintendo and Sega Master System games were Notoriously difficult. There are only two more recent games I know that are hard at aren't 8-bit. Mario kart for the n64 and diddy kong racing for the n64.

cmrbe3524d ago

there were no game saves and check points were far and wide. You had to play with thought the whole game to finish it.

I remember that in NG2 on NES if you die you had to start from the base of the mountain again. It was carzy. When i finally killed the Shadow Demon he came back to life again and he was much stonger bang he killed me. I literally threw the controller to the ground.

Contra Was pretty hard as well but then i always played with my brother. I don't know if i ever would have managed to finish Contra on my own.

Drouble Dragon 3 rosetta stone as i remebered was pretty hard as well.

Nowdays. You can virtually save your game when ever you want. Also there seems to be alot of regenerative health in games now days in shooters especially. Just take cover and then recover to full health.

Mahr3524d ago

They were also difficult because most of them weren't very big, primarily due to technical limitations: Contra, Castlevania, Battletoads, Ghosts and Goblins, the Megaman games... in theory, one could beat each of them in twenty minutes or less per playthrough. But the time it took to master those games to the point where one *could* beat them was considerably longer.

TheLaughingMan3524d ago

I beat EVERYTHING in diddy car racing. all levels all golds all secret characters ah good times.