Joystiq interview: Scribblenauts' Jeremiah Slaczka

Joystiq writes: "Following Drawn to Life and Lock's Quest, both ambitious DS games with an emphasis on the player's ability to create the in-game world, developer 5TH Cell announced its next, even more ambitious -- downright crazy, honestly -- DS game concept: Scribblenauts. Combining a text adventure and a graphical puzzle game, Scribblenauts allows players to create any object to help them solve environmental puzzles and acquire out-of-reach or hidden "Starite" items -- simply by writing the name of the object.

We spoke to 5TH Cell's Creative Director, Jeremiah Slaczka, about the impossible-sounding game, doing our best not to just list hundreds of objects and ask whether they are all in the game (of course, we did a little of that). In addition to discussion about the game's structure and narrative (or lack thereof), Slaczka sent us three exclusive screens!"

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