Elveon NOT coming to PS3

Debunked. Nevermind aye?

PSU were contacted by 10tacle regarding Elveon and it seems that the information provided to them earlier today was inaccurate. They have been told that 10tacle have never confirmed a PS3 version of the game and that they are not currently working on it.

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power of Green 4635d ago

Good to hear the graphical quality needs to be top notch because this games story's going to be great. I was a bit sadend reading the PSU thread as if it was trust worthy to begin with.

BrotherSic4635d ago (Edited 4635d ago )

firstly whats with the strange redirected link?

secondly this update really brings into the question the reliability of

"Speaking with Matthias Schindler from 10tacle Studios earlier today, we learned that Elveon, a Third-Person Action RPG for the Xbox 360, would be making its way to the PS3. It has been reported before as a game to look forward to on the 360, and PS3 owners will now be able to enjoy it as well."

Sounds to me like they put 2 and 2 together and got 5. Very poor journalism. They should have put it as a strong rumour or a way that didnt state that it was fact.

Jay da 2KBalla4635d ago

PSU have no credibility whatsoever in my eyes. They rarely to never know what they are talking about plus on top of that 10tacle said a while back that elveonis only for pc and 360. Anyways I've been looking forward to elveon for a while now and will probably be picking it up day 1. The combat soudns like its going to be good.

highps34635d ago (Edited 4635d ago )

Whatever this blows.

Well ill save $60 and get it off a torrent.

dragunrising4635d ago (Edited 4635d ago )

You might as well tell the developers to quit their jobs. People put their lives into making this game and you would steal? If the game was distributed as free then it would be fine to download it; however its not. Do everyone a favor and throw away your PC.

On a related note, the post is old news. Elveon isn't currently comming to PS3. Perhaps in the future? Not likely and a port at best.

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The story is too old to be commented.