Greatest Indie Pack 80% Off On Steam

This weekend, Steam is offering gamers a way to save money and support indie game developers at the same time. They're offering a bundle of five different indie games at 80% off their normal price.

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sukru5598d ago

However, I'm going to buy this. Steam somehow manages to convince me to buy plenty of games, that I'll never have a chance to play at all.


Get Shanked: New Humble Weekly Sale

The newest Humble Weekly Sale just went live and it currently features three games from Klei Entertainment. For the next week, the Canadian studio’s three most well-known titles will be available for purchase at unbeatable prices.

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The Indie Gala Colossus Bundle Lives Up to Its Name

Indie Gala has unveiled their latest bundle, named the Colossus Bundle, and it most certainly lives up to its name. Featuring 5 games for a minimum of $1 and if you beat the average, which is currently $5.64, you will unlock an additional 5 games with 1 more game and 2 albums to unlock in the second week.

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The Real Total War: Multiwinia, Tolstoy and Chaos

We are still waiting for the Tolstoy-esque war game where, by and large, instructions must be issued prior to engagement and may turn out to be irrelevant due to unforeseen events, where orders handed over to a messenger during the heat of the battle may be struck down by a stray musket shot before they are ever received. You know what gets closest? Multiwinia. Honest.

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