Joystiq hands-on: Yakuza 3 demo

Joystiq writes: "Japan's next big game is coming out exclusively for PS3. Yakuza 3 launches in the territory next week and to get people psyched, Sega has released a demo on the PlayStation Network.

The importance of the Yakuza series is, for the most part, lost to non-Japanese gamers. The first two PS2 games didn't exactly garner much fanfare when localized versions were released in the US. The series has always been uniquely Japanese, from its setting to its story to the gameplay. Although it may be Japan's interpretation of the Grand Theft Auto series, playing the demo reveals how antiquated the series still is. While Western developers have refined gameplay and storytelling, Yakuza 3 feels decidedly dated".

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Timberland2K93531d ago

So its like the Japanese GTA, cool. Playstation Has such awesome games.

If you disagree you must be a fanboy or care too much