Game Reactor Sweden: Halo Wars Review

As much as Game Reactor hate hafsjobb among game titles so Game Reactor loves the elaborate, multifaceted works. Halo Wars is one such, professional pride shines through in this game and it makes me all the time wanting to play on. It is svinkul in multiplayer and to console you can probably not find a better realtidsstrategi games. That it then moves into an established, and now mythological expanded universe is a nice bonus for fans, and something new to discover for the uninitiated. If you, as Game Reactor have been sick detail skeptical towards realtidsstrategi game to console is Halo Wars the best medicine.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3531d ago

Looks like Microsoft had enough cash to pay off Gamereactor.Too bad they are not in Metacritic LOLOLOL