Advent Children Complete and FFXIII Demo Play on US PS3s

As you may know, the high definition version of FFVII: Advent Children is coming out in Japan in April on Blu-Ray Disc, and with it an additional 25 minutes of scenes as well as completely new cinematography for most of the movie (altered angles, etc.). Furthermore, as announced at E3 this past summer, Advent Children Complete will ship with a Final Fantasy XIII demo disk, with some 2 hours of gameplay.

What has confused fans debating importing it is whether or not the Japanese version of the movie will have English voices, and if it'll even play on North American PS3s.

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DragonWarrior465343525d ago

duh , they aren't region locked,, Hello that was so last gen. Unless your only have a 360 of course. But who only owns a 360 these days?

Timberland2K93525d ago

Good thing my stepsister is a teacher in japan.

iamtehpwn3525d ago

If there's the English dub on the disc...why NOT release at least Advent Children on Bluray in the US? o__O

Godmars2903525d ago

They will, it just wont come w/FFXIII demo.

That will probably be a download on PSN/XBL.

Though it will probably be on XBL first... :/

arika3525d ago

when the bundle pack comes out in japan, it will sell a gazillion of ps3. it might even overtake wii for the lead.

meepmoopmeep3525d ago

can't wait to get my copy in the mail


gaffyh3524d ago

Movies are usually region locked, but Japan and US have the same region code. Games aren't usually region-locked, so if that is on a seperate disc it may work on EU PS3s aswell.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3525d ago

Excellent.I will inform everyone on how the PS3 version is coming along with the demo.It shall be around 2 hours on the PS3 disc.Since its an RPG the demo might also get announced for 360 on 6 disks.Imagine how the full game will make the 360 suffer ;-)

Anyway let the elite PS3 gamers sample this delectable dish while the xbot lemmings eat leftovers from the trash like they deserve

krof3525d ago

Final Fantasy sucks ass now.

Just lyk chad wardenn said so

iamtehpwn3525d ago

C Wizzy, Chad Daddy, aiiiiiiiight, Big Pappi


JOLLY13525d ago

This is good news though.

onomix3525d ago

Because you have no arguments.

nightelfmohawk3525d ago

Chad Warden be all bout da games. Chad Warden know how to sell PS3s and overtake the 360. Chad Warden needs to put some chrome and spinners on da PS3. Ballin'!

And w00t for PS3 FFXIII Demo! :D

iamtehpwn3525d ago

Xbox 360...what is this? Xbox Circle? We Ain't trying to do Geometry, we tryin' to play GAMES. And thats whats Xbox ain't GOT. it Ain't Gamesssss.

;] <3 Chad Warden

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hay3525d ago

Yeahhh... It's awsome to live in Europe... Region coding really sucks. I guess Square won't get my money.

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The story is too old to be commented.