TVG: Battlefield 1943 Hands On Preview

TVG writes: "Hardcore Battlefield fans may have been justifiably miffed when Bad Company was released last year. Initially there was a public outcry when it became apparent that a Conquest mode wouldn't ship with the game, with DICE quickly asserting that the mode would be made available via DLC after release. The game itself, on the other hand, was a clear move away from the multiplayer centric Battlefield 2, a title that only ever sat comfortably on the PC despite the Modern Combat console spin-offs. To compensate for a PC market of swiftly diminishing returns, DICE's Bad Company was a console game with an emphasis on the single-player campaign and, while the game still retained the foundations of a Battlefield experience, we certainly felt that it lacked the unique Battlefield touches of old (particularly in its multiplayer game)".

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