Why No Flower Demo?

Ok, so you have a new, interesting product that you want to get everyone excited about. How does one go about spreading the news? Do you let your potential customers see it, touch it, or demo it perhaps? Or, do you simply keep the product to yourself and suddenly release it although the general public has no clue what your product is about? My guess would be the former rather than the latter. If you guys haven't guessed it already, the company is Sony and the product is Flower.

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Bot Repellent3529d ago

Because not every game needs a Demo.

Need a better explanation?

Cajun Chicken3529d ago

Because you pay for the experience, not just the game.

dan881233529d ago

Flower is an amazing game, and them putting out a demo would show gamers that it's more than just a game called Flower's though.

GarandShooter3528d ago

'Or maybe the game is not that good, therefore the only way anyone would drop their hard earned $10 on it were if they hadn’t tried it already.'

Do you want to be in the gaming media? Then stop being a cheap ass, drop the $10.00 and review the game already.