There is No PlayStation or Xbox 'Killer'

Tim Smith at Spong:

"This is my opinion. A rant if you will. It is not news. It is a call to both the mainstream media and gamers to take a moment; a breath; and to take an honest glance at themselves.

It concerns the horror of two 16 year-olds, one of whom murdered the other. It concerns the way the story has been handled.

Here's the headline promulgated by several newspapers and websites due to a press agency report:

The agency is the Press Association.

'Boy gets life for PlayStation death.'

The headline derives from the presiding judge's (Goldstone) summing up:

"In truth you thought no more of having that knife in your pocket than you would a wallet or a house key. If you had been able to give the matter a moment's thought you would have realised that carrying and using that knife was no way to deal with a dispute about a Playstation."

The story related to it begins:

"A 16-year-old boy who murdered another boy of the same age in a row about a PlayStation has been locked up for life."

The story refers to the sentencing of Shane Boyd (16) over the knife murder of Conor Black (16) in Moston in the north west of England.

So, nothing seems wrong there does it?

Of course not.

Not until you read what actually happened according to the Greater Manchester Police..."

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Bot Repellent3553d ago

People killing each other over the Ps3,sad but what do you expect when the argument revolves around a $400 gift from the heavens?

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3553d ago

K!!!! O!!!!!

Playstation 3 wins.

DragonWarrior465343553d ago

I have all consoles,and yes even the wii. Honestly the only game that is worth playing on the 360 the COD series. I will be honest and say that COD plays 20 times better online then the ps3 versions. Im not saying that is the case for future games, but lets be honest here. The ps3 has the best exclusives and the multiplats that matter play just as good on the ps3. But you would be dumb not to have a 360 if you love COD. Im assuming Operaion Flashpoint will be better on the 360, but honestly, I would rather get the pc version of that.

PtRoLLFacE3553d ago

am sorry but pc slathers both ps360