Rumor Killers: Splinter Cell: Conviction at GDC? Non-gaming Achievements? PS3 Firmware 2.70?

Splinter Cell: Conviction to be shown at GDC? Non-gaming achievements and a trophy room coming to Xbox 360? PS3 Firmware 2.70 detailed?

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cyguration3579d ago

why will you never come out?!

cain1413579d ago

I can't wait to see more on that game...

italianbreadman3579d ago

I'm especially excited that it runs on the Assassin's Creed engine. The potential for amazing environments and interaction with them seems endless.

Pennywise3579d ago


You mean endless seams.... right? We are talking about AC engine. Any more screen tears my TV would of left me.

ape0073579d ago

can't wait for convection

splinter cell chaos theory was one of the finest games ever

no1safe3579d ago

It will come out... Right after DN Forever xD

cain1413579d ago


I love the Irony... Duke Nuke EM Forever...

How many games but the length of time until release in the name...

A HiFi3578d ago

Another one for Conviction...can't wait.

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fafoon3579d ago

I've Heard of this Game
Mind you i also heard of a Game
Called Alan Wake

cain1413579d ago

Hopefully iy doesn't take forever to come out...

Why dis3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

I'v heard of Firmware 2.70 and what it supposedly does as well.

I also head GT5 was suppose to me a modern racer even a SIM they say.

I'v also heard of War devil before Alan Wake.

I wan't these game but dam...

ape0073579d ago

that silly fanboyish comments will never end

Why dis3579d ago

I also heard of members playing people thowing bones every once in a while to cover up their fanboyism.

dazzalfc3579d ago

So, Wardevil was announced before E3 2005 was it?

I think you need to go back and do a little research

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SirLarr3579d ago

I respect the fact that they delayed Splinter Cell because it wasn't awesome enough. Same with Red Steel 2.

topgeareasy3579d ago

Non-gaming Achievements from microsoft like what get RROD and get 10000 points or E47 error code get 15000 points

3579d ago
3579d ago
Why dis3579d ago

I never realized how different the Sony only supporters are.

predator3579d ago

I am glad they delayed it to make it better at least.

The firmware update seems to good to be true but I hope it is true

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