Metal Gear Solid Touch - new shot

Famitsu just posted up some new screens of Metal Gear Solid Touch, the upcoming iPod Touch and iPhone version of Kojima's never-ending little man.Not quite sure what's going with the PC screens there, but someone will no doubt translate it in a tick.

[Update - The PC screens are from the game's new site. Thanks, Syrok.]

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Eiffel3531d ago

What no ones going ape sh1t over this?

Playa79703531d ago

lol at the xbox owners who thought they were getting this masterpiece

MerkinMax3531d ago

That is a pretty cool site. I really hope this game is fun.

dolomite3530d ago

Site is pretty interesting, but i thought that hand in beginning was gonna flick me off!

lord_of_balrogs3530d ago

And people say Halo Wars is milking the franchise............