New Blue Dragon Screenshots

Created by Hironobu Sakaguchi of Mistwalker game studio and developer Artoon, the highly anticipated Xbox 360-exclusive Blue Dragon is an epic role-playing game (RPG) centered on a young boy named Shu and several of his friends. These unlikely heroes possess miraculous strength and magical power to control phantom shadows that mirror the actions of their masters.

The game is being developed by ARTOON and features the character design of Akira Toriyama, of "Dragon Ball" fame , and music by Nobuo Uematsu, the composer for "Final Fantasy."

Take a look at the first screenshots of the U.S. version of Blue Dragon.

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BIadestarX4248d ago

This game would also make a great MMORPG game.

Lacarious4248d ago

but that's just me.... i can't see myself paying a monthly fee for a game I already own.

anyways.... i can't wait for this game to hit the U.S. GIVE ME A RELEASE DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Makes me wonder how freaking long we'll have to wait for the U.S. version of LO.

BrotherSic4248d ago

August, it was announced earlier

Bhai4248d ago


and ofcourse old-school. Don't get me wrong, I am one of the most respecting person towards Mr. Sakaguchi, he brought us FF series. But in the days of FF-XII, Rogue Galaxy and Dragon Quest VIII, this game is an abomination. Just look at the texture, background and model quality here:


Even early 2006's PS2 title Grandia-III looks ways better than this one. I think its because its Sakaguchi's first game in the last 6 years or so !

InMyOpinion4248d ago

Maybe you should play it yourself before you make statements like that. I'm playing Final Fantasy VI on my GBA and it looks aweful compared to Gears of War. It's not even in 3d.
My point being, most rpg-fans look for an involving story, good dialogue/monologue (the latter which is non-existent in most Japanese rpgs), appealing character design (not FFVIII lol!), a clever combat system and a lengthy quest. If you want graphics craving rpg's go play Oblivion or why not Mass Effect when it's released.

BTW I can agree FFXIII looks crazy, but comparing Blue Dragon to Ps2 games is just retarded. What drugs are you on?

Dlacy13g4248d ago

Ok....just stop with the over the top comments. You lost all credibility when you said it looks "HORRIBLE" and it is an "abomination".

Now this may not be your style of game, i.e. anime cartoon like...but this game looks anything but horrible. The ground texture is bland...I will concede that. But everything else has a nice crispness to it, and the character models look fantastic for the look they are trying to achieve ...which is an anime cartoon. Mission looks great. Looking forward to giving this a spin.

Bhai4248d ago

First of all making yourself an embarassment and admit that you haven't even known any of the games I write about, FF-XII not 3D ?!!! HaHaHa DUDE ! c'mon. Also you are comparing a RPG to an action game !. And Rogue galaxy is so 3D that it has absolutely no loading at all, a free form fighting engine and spectacular worlds all expanded in an artistic take on cell-shaded technique.

And, just breath o.k. ! You are talking about cartoonish take on artistic styles HaHaHa...on xbox or 360?!!! 360's games...Hah ! If you want to KNOW what art is, play Okami on PS2, you want beautiful anime art in Dark Cloud, Shin Megumi Tensei, Radiata Stories and Rogue Galaxy on PS2. One game...just one game has tried(and failed) to take on an artistic touch on 360 as Blue-Dragon and you're all judgemental that I, being a PlayStation player, would not know of ART ?!. It shows your desperation of finding some good time on MS' system, may it be a little one but yeah !

For both of you, this is how a next-gen RPG supposed to looks like as a 2nd-gen development :

There's a tip for you.

Keyser4248d ago

I normally agree with Bhai's post but I don't hear. This looks like a very good use of color and light. I believe that it did pull off the look they were going for. I looks very cartoony and I think that was their point. The other games you mentioned were beautiful aslo but art and beauty lie in the eyes of the beholder.

Personally, it looks like something Nintendo would have made and when I first saw it on the cover of Game Informer a month ago I thought it had to be for Wii. I was wrong, first time in 07 but not the last. It reminds me of Zelda mixed with Mario mixed with Dragonball.

I doubt that the makers of Dragonball and Final Fantasy would create any RPG that is not engaging. I'm sure this has a good story and I would probably rent it because I wouldn't go back to play it but I personally think it looks good.

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4248d ago

Needs more old-school RPGs and more games like Baulders Gate. Can't wait for this one, looks engaging.

sepiroth64248d ago

It looks great but i wish it would come out sooner.