A new high quality video game sharing site emerges:

With gaming becoming more and more widely accepted as a cultural norm, gamers are constantly looking for ways to show their skills and other game related content. With sites like YouTube and others this has become easily accessible. N4G is a great way for gamers to get the latest and greatest news from around the world on their favorite pastime. Other popular sites like IGN and Gamespot are great all-around gaming sites as well.

However, a new site has emerged in recent Google searches:

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djrodimus5210d ago

hey man, thanks for the write-up. i checked it out and the site looks really nice. hope to see a lot more videos uploaded in the future.

jrsenkbe5205d ago

the site is well polished and is cool. HD is awesome.

gdsdjs5208d ago

i have seen other sites like this but not any as well put together or laid out. good find.

djrodimus5208d ago

yeah i found a few others too but they looked like a 12 year old put them together lol

djrodimus5208d ago

wow i just uploaded a file in 1080i hd and it accepted it and its playing back at hd res too. very cool